Kitten Scheduled To Be Put Down Gets A Chance At Real Happiness Instead

Life in the wild is not easy for baby animals, and that’s a fact. That said, life on the streets of most cities isn’t exactly a cakewalk either; there are dangers all over the place.
Most animals learn how to survive the hard way, while others need all of the help we human beings can provide for them. Sick and injured animals in particular, often need human intervention.
Gozer the kitten was rescued from the streets but his owner decided she didn’t want him anymore when he contracted an eye infection. She gave him away to a vet’s clinic and if it were not for the kindness of true animal lovers, that might have been the end of his story.
Gozer the cat was just three weeks old when his owner turned him over to be euthanized. He contracted a nasty eye infection during his time living on the streets before being adopted, and his owner did not want to spend the time or money that would be required to make him well again.
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Once the vet examined Gozer he made the decision not to put him to sleep. The eye infection was something that could be easily treated. This kitten deserved an owner who would be willing to give him the care and love he so deserved.
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Reddit user su2rnint2ndo was working at the veterinarian clinic at the time Gozer was brought in, and she immediately fell deeply in love with Gozer. The feeling was mutual, and su2rnint2ndo made the decision to adopt the abandoned kitten, nurse him back to health, and give him a wonderful life.
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Two years have passed since Gozer was adopted by su2rnint2ndo, and a lot has changed! Just look at how this silly kitty has grown! You would never have been able to guess that the sick kitten brought into the vet would grow up to be this handsome and goofy boy!
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Gozer’s adopted parents report that he is doing just fine! He is a little strange and has a passion for making funny faces and for eating flip flops, but then again, we all have our quirks.5-89sup3rnint3ndo / Reddit
Gozer makes a million funny faces a day. His silly facial expressions have earned him the nickname “change face” and as you can see, it’s a name given for a reason! Here he looks positively shocked!  
6-73sup3rnint3ndo / Reddit
Curious Gozer is a lover, not a fighter. He falls for each and every human who comes to pay him a visit. He even loves other animals including cats, dogs, and ferrets! 
7-51sup3rnint3ndo / Reddit
Gozer was so lucky that su2rnint2ndo decided to step up and give him a home, and I have a feeling he knows it too! He might not be able to say “thank you, mom,” but he expresses it with every single purr. 
8-46sup3rnint3ndo / Reddit
What an amazing rescue! How fortunate was Gozer that the vet refused to put him to sleep? Talk about a close call.
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