‘Mom’ Cat Found Nurturing Abandoned Kittens Isn’t Actually A Mother At All

Rescuing cats from the streets is a pretty tough job. Some kittens born in this circumstance can become feral without human intervention at an early age. That’s part of why it’s so important that they are rescued while they’re still small.
When an abandoned basket of kittens was discovered on the side of the road, rescuers knew they needed to help. They noticed another cat protecting them and figured it was the mother, so they brought her in too. However, what the vet revealed about this hovering ‘mama cat’ left them all speechless…
Whenever rescuers are called to the scene of an animal who is in need of their assistance, they must be prepared for practically anything to happen.
The only guarantee volunteers have in their line of work is that they can always expect to find the unexpected. This is only heightened when there are multipleanimals to save.
That’s exactly why the team at Homeless Animal Adoption League in Bloomfield, New Jersey, sprung into action when they received this recent urgent call…
Turns out, several kittens were abandoned in a laundry basket on the side of the road in the neighboring town of East Orange, and the rescuers knew they had no time to waste.
Even though the organization didn’t usually perform street rescues, they decided it would be best to take a look since the cats were close by. With multiple kittens at stake, they acted quickly. 
Sure enough, when they arrived at the scene, they found the basket sitting on the curb. What they didn’t expect was what they’d discover next…
Inside of the basket, they identified a mother cat and her six teeny kittens. The rescuers said it was as if she recognized that they were there to help her and her family.
Something in her expression made them feel that she knew she’d need help in order to survive her ordeal. Everyone was completely in awe of this feline’s motherly intuition. 
The team quickly brought the little feline family back to the shelter, where they fed and washed them as soon as they could. Once that was done, it was time for a thorough examination. 
The veterinarian then gave the kittens their checkups to make sure they were all in good health; the next day, it was time for the mother cat’s checkup. That’s when things took a wild turn…
As the veterinarian began to examine, he noticed something so bizarre that he had to tell the rest of the team right away. The sudden revelation was more than shocking to the staff!
The “mother” of the litter was actually a male! The shelter workers speculated that he may have been the father or a brother cat from another litter, but there was no way of proving that at first glance.
In fact, he could just as easily have been a random male who came across the little kittens and decided to keep them company. One thing was certain, he wasn’t a mother, but he was their mother figure. 
No matter his actual relationship to the kittens, the male cat stepped up into the role of surrogate mom with such aplomb that the shelter workers named him Mrs. Doubtfire!
The name was fitting since he’d fulfilled both parental roles. Granted, chances are good that this cat was not disguising himself as an old British woman in order to spend more time with his children after a difficult divorce. 
Thankfully, Mrs. Doubtfire and his kitten family were determined to be in good health, meaning they will all be looking for new homes. Now that’s a potentially happy ending worthy of being in a movie! 
Hopefully, the kittens’ future owners look after them the same way Mrs. Doubtfire did! He sure set an example that would make anyone proud. It’s proof you don’t have to be a biological mom to love like one. 
These kittens were certainly lucky! Cats as a species are usually not very social, and male cats, in particular, can be very aggressive and sometimes even violent with kittens. 
Let’s just hope that these kittens are treated much better than their previous owner, and they find people who can provide them with loving forever homes, too. 
No matter where these kittens do end up doing, they are sure to be forever grateful to Mrs. Doubtfire!
What a great, unexpected surprise. But it has to be said; they maybe flubbed the name… they should have called him Mrs. Doubt-fur!
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