Owners Give Their Cats A Balloon Filled With Water And Get The Wildest Response Possible

If you think summers are hard on humans, just try being a cat and having to endure the heat under all that fur! You’d probably spend your days seeking the coolest place possible where you could lie down for a catnap.
To combat the dangers of overheating, these people—who own a whopping 10 cats—recently came up with a pretty genius idea. To try it at home, all you’ll need is a balloon and a freezer. Your feline friends will be riding out the hot months in style in no time!
There’s no denying how unbearable and uncomfortable the heat of summer can be. Pet owners have to ensure their furry best friends stay cool while the temperatures climb, too, and that isn’t always easy!
Cats might be known for their icy demeanors, but even their cool indifference can’t save them if the air conditioner breaks! So, what can cat parents do for their fur babies this year? This trick might just be their saving grace.
Two guys—who have 10 cats of their own—developed a method to cool kitties down in no time. And the best part is that all you need to recreate their genius project is a few balloons and some water…
For the first step, head to a local party store and purchase a package of balloons. Next, you’ll inflate the balloons with water—as if you were prepping water balloons—and place them in the freezer for a few hours.
Once the water inside freezes, remove the balloons from the freezer and make an incision in the rubber. Gently peel it away to reveal a ball of solid ice. Wondering where this is going yet? You’ll see…
Place the frozen ball of ice in a dish and let your cats go to town! As the ice melts, your kitties have refreshing, chilly water to sip on if they get tired of chasing the strange spinning sphere with their tongues.
No more worrying whether your pet has enough cold water to keep them cool while you’re out of the house—the ice will stay frozen and your cat will stay cool. Not only is this hack helpful, it’s pretty adorable to watch in action, too!
Once you get the basic method down, feel free to experiment. For example, you can purchase a pair of edible googly eyes from a craft store and freeze them with the water inside of the balloon. Your cat will surely have a fun time wondering why their ice is staring back at them.
Just be sure to try and make your ice balls large enough so that they last all day while you’re at work. That way, you can rest assured your beloved kitty is receiving all the cold water their heart could ever desire when you’re not home.
Say goodbye to worrying about your cat overheating during those long summer months! Just look at the way this cat is daintily licking her new “toy.” That sure looks mighty refreshing, doesn’t it?
Looking for other ways to treat your feline friends like royalty? Just take a cue from cat owners everywhere who are heading to the nearest IKEA store. People are using a very unlikely product for a hack that’s guaranteed to make you smile…
IKEA is known for carrying an array of extremely versatile items; pretty much all of their furnishings double as something else entirely. Take this $19.99 Duktig doll bed, for instance. This bed is actually great for something you might not expect…
Would you believe that this is the same doll bed—and it’s actually pretty perfect for your cat! Since pet stores often charge high prices for cat beds, why not save a dollar and treat your kitty in the process?
Just look at how this adorable cat is investigating his new space. This is undeniably the cutest way to put a cat to bed. If you thought that was impressive, just wait until you see how else you can use the IKEA doll bed.
Did somebody say bunk beds? This crafty cat owner decided to give their pets more than the average corner to curl up in, so she went all-out! If you try this yourself, make sure the beds are properly secured before letting your precious fur babies get in there, though.
What makes the doll beds even better is that they come with their own set of bedding. So not only are you going to save yourself from spendings loads of cash on an expensive cat bed, but you’ll save on all the décor, too. Your cat will want to snooze more than she already does!
The IKEA beds for dolls are actually so perfect for cats that it’s almost hard to believe they weren’t designed with felines in mind. The head and footboards even have enough space to allow a tail to dangle over the edge. Who knows? Maybe IKEA was hoping this is exactly what people would use them for.
These cats look so comfortable all tucked into their brand-new cozy beds. Look at their adorable expressions! It’s as if they’re saying “Thank you! I’ve been waiting to achieve this level of comfort for my entire life.” Cat nap ahead, kitties!
If this there’s one thing this little king of the jungle is sure of, it’s that his new bed—complete with mouse toys—is the cat’s meow. This furry guy is snug as a bug in a rug!
It’s amazing the things pet owners come up with to treat their animals. Whether it’s giving their kitties comfortable beds to snooze in or creating nifty ice balls for them to play with during the hot summer months, it’s clear that they love them beyond anything else!

The best part about these ice balls and cat beds is that they’ll both keep your kitty entertained and comfortable. And who would want anything less?
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