Poor Kitten Rescued From A Meat Farm Was So Hungry He Was Eating Dirt

When most people envision dogs they imagine a friendly furry animal by their side, not a potential meal option. In Korea, though, dogs are commonly raised for consumption.
Thankfully, there are activists fighting on behalf of these dogs. People are risking their own lives to ensure the safety of these animals who are otherwise sentenced to a doomed fate.
Free Korean Dogs, an organization that rescues dogs from Korean meat farms, is one such group. When FKD founder Ek Park stumbled upon a dog meat farm recently, she couldn’t believe what she discovered…
Free Korean Dogs founder Ek Park was on her way to her mother’s home in Dangjin, Korea, when she got lost and ended up at a dog meat farm. Her organization works to relocate dogs from the meat trade of Korea to safe forever homes in North America…
This particular dog meat farm was familiar to Ek; she and her team had raided it before. When Ek got out of her car, she immediately came upon a sickly cat who was eating dirt and crying. 
“When I went to the owner’s house located right beside the dog farm, I found this little kitten — so tiny, about my hand size,” Ek said in an interview about her discovery. She knew that the cat had clearly been neglected. So she picked him up and that’s when the owner emerged from the house…
The man demanded to know what she was doing with the cat — whom Ek later named Nimo — and told her attempting to save the animal would be a waste of time.
That’s when Ek caught a startling glimpse of the cages filled with dogs in the back yard. There appeared to be hundreds of them. These dogs, as she knew, were being raised to be brutally killed for their meat…
When Ek inquired about bringing some of the sickly dogs to the vet, the man immediately got defensive. “Suddenly he looked at me differently and said that I didn’t look like a dog buyer,” Park said. “He said, ‘Why are you here? Are you an animal activist? I hate them.'”
Ek decided it was best to get out of there before the man got aggressive with her, though, not before asking to take Nimo with her. 
Ek planned to bring Nimo back to her hometown of Toronto, Canada just a couple days later, however, he would have to get all of his vaccinations in order to enter the country. So, she brought him to a woman named Mrs. Jung, who’d rescued many dogs from the horrible dog meat trade. 
“She introduced me to Jiyoon Yi, who became Nimo’s foster parent for three months in Korea,” Ek said. “Jiyoon had five puppies whom she rescued from a dog tonic shop at Chilsung market in Daegu. I promised her that I would find good homes for the puppies in return.”
In turn, Ek found these puppies homes in Toronto and New York City. 
When Ek had to be back in Korea to shoot a documentary about the dog meat trade, she happily brought Nimo along with her. He had already been well on his way to making a full recovery by that point.
“He stayed with me in the cabin, so it was better,” Ek said in an interview. “He didn’t make a sound. He was so happy, slept the whole way, and I was very impressed.”
When Ek arrived back to Toronto, she was able to find Nimo a forever home! “From the first day, he was a big snuggler and right away he ran straight to my friend and she took him to her house,” Ek said. “He wasn’t shy at all — he just looked around and he jumped up on her bed, and since then he stayed there with her.”
Luckily, Ek knew exactly what to do when she found Nimo!
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