She Let Her Cat Out With A GPS Tracker… When She Saw What He Secretly Does It Left Her Stunned.

If you have a pet, you probably wonder what it gets up to while you’re not around. Does she nap all day? Get into trouble? Throw elaborate parties and just manage to clean up before you walk through the door? There’s no way of knowing without the help of some technology.
A team in Australia decided to figure out once and for all one aspect of domestic cats’ lives: what they do when they’re let outside. Most cat owners figure their kitty only roams their yard, but what this project showed is… quite different.
The Central Tablelands Local Land Services in Australia decided to figure out once and for all where cats go when their owners let them outside for the night.
They attached GPS locators to 25 cats’ collars for the study. Their movements are tracked on the maps with a yellow line.
Of the 25 cats who began the study, 11 were uncooperative and many refused to move when the device was on their collar. Those kitties were excused from the study, since the cats’ comfort was far more important than the results.
The rest of the cats brought in shocking results.
Peter Evans, a senior officer in charge of the project, said, “You always get the comment from owners that their cat doesn’t roam … but we thought it was a great visual to show owners where cats go when they don’t know where they are, because, generally, a lot of cats are unrestrained.”
Some of the cats roamed up to TWO MILES in their nightly ventures.
“I knew they wouldn’t just stay in the backyard,” said Evans, “but I was surprised with how far a few of the cats did go.”
Evans and his team want the study’s results to be made widely available so that cat owners are aware of what their feline family members are up to at night. Just because a cat is capable of traveling that far, they say, does not mean that they should be going that far. They could be putting themselves in danger and causing problems to the flora and fauna of their neighborhood.
Next time you let your cat outside, ask yourself if you know where he’s going… and if you want him going there!
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