They Called This Special-Needs Kitten ‘Different’… But He’s Perfect Just The Way He Is

After Lauren France’s cat, Aria, escaped the house and was missing for a few days, her family panicked. Would Aria be okay? Would she return home in one piece? The chance of a house cat surviving in the wild—alongside vicious predators like coyotes, and the like—diminished with each day. So everyone was relieved when the RSPCA called: Aria had been found and was ready to be picked up.
Shortly after arriving home, however, Lauren discovered something had happened to her cat on her vacation: she’d gotten pregnant. Soon enough, she gave birth to five tiny kittens, four of which were given a clean bill of health.
It was the fifth kitten, though, that stood out for a very special reason.
When Lauren France’s cat, Aria, was brought home after running away for several days, she discovered her beloved cat was pregnant. Thankfully, Aria delivered five completely healthy kittens—save for one.
01-dimples-the-catLauren France
Named Dimples, this little kitten was born with hydrocephalus (or “water on the brain”) and a mild case of spina bifida, which meant his spine was split and would develop improperly.
02-dimples-the-catLauren France
Though vets told Lauren that Dimples would develop differently and would never fully walk, she was determined to raise him and to give him the best life a cat could ever want.
03-dimples-the-catLauren France
Dimples’ four other siblings would eventually be re-homed with friends and family, but Lauren planned to keep her special guy, where he’d have his mom, Aria, and the family dog, Oscar, to look over him.
04-dimples-the-catLauren France
Though he was born with his unique conditions, Dimples was as loving and eager as any cat. More importantly, he was growing stronger each day!
05-dimples-the-catLauren France
These days, Dimples is eating on his own (but with a little balance assistance from Lauren) and loves chewing fingers. He’s well on his way to having a wonderful life!
06-dimples-the-catLauren France
Dimples is the cutest name possible for this little guy! So happy that he’s receiving the love and attention he needs to have a fulfilling life.
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