Woman Is About To Adopt This Kitten, But When She Looks At His Tag, She Breaks Down

There are a number of reasons why someone would adopt a pet. Whether to save an animal’s life or simply to have companionship, it’s always nice when a kindhearted human decides to bring a rescue animal into their life.
As much as Jerad Forsyth had good reasons for adopting Gandalf the cat, he also had ulterior motives. Clearly, though, Gandalf didn’t mind at all—he just was happy to have a home!
Jerad Forsyth of Erie County, New York realized he’d need some help proposing to his girlfriend, Kat Woodley. That’s when a brilliant idea struck him: his mother had been fostering a kitten named Gandalf, and Kat was quite attached to the little guy. Jerad knew then what he had to do.
1-gandalf-the-catKat Woodley
The couple decided that they wanted to permanently adopt Gandalf, so they visited the SPCA of Erie County to complete the process. Kat had no idea that there was a surprise in store for her, though: when she looked at the cat’s tag, it displayed a very special message!
2-gandalf-the-catFacebook / SPCA Erie County
That was Jerad’s cue. (Spoiler alert: she said “yes!”) Now the three of them are living happily ever after. “He is doing really well,” Kat said about Gandalf. “He likes to play with our dog, Shamus.”
3-gandalf-the-catKat Woodley
Adoptions and engagements are beautiful moments on their own, but combining the two is a cuteness overload! Surely Gandalf, Kat, and Jerad have a wonderful life ahead of them.
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