Dog Abused So Badly That She Was Too Terrified To Even Look At Her Rescuers

If dogs are abused by the very humans who are supposed to love and care for them, it can be difficult for them to trust anyone else again. After all, we are their protectors, and when we take advantage of their loyalty, it can crush them emotionally.
For many abused dogs, it can not only be difficult to trust people, but also to ever look them in the face again—literally. This was certainly the case for one particular dog named Angel.
After being rescued by Ireland’s PAWS Animal Rescue, the greyhound mix would sit in a corner and stare at a wall all day, terrified. Her rescuers couldn’t give up on her; they just didn’t know how to get her to respond before it was too late…
The trust that is established between a dog owner and their ever loyal, loving canine is one that lasts a lifetime. However, when that trust is broken and a dog is abused in any way, it can be difficult for them to ever regain that feeling of comfort again.
When a greyhound mix named Angel was rescued by PAWS Animal Rescue in Ireland, it was clear that she had suffered neglect and abuse at the hands of her previous owner. As a result, she would sit in the corner of the shelter with her face to the wall.
The rescue team tried to give the traumatized Angel the space that she needed while still attempting to encourage her to warm up to them. Even when they would leave food for her in her stall, she would continue to slump her head towards the wall.
When Angel was analyzed by veterinarians at PAWS Animal Rescue, they determined that she suffered from extreme nervousness. They continued to give her love and care—something she, sadly, had never previously received.
Then, slowly but surely, Angel started to make a recovery from the psychological scars that had once prevented her from even looking humans in the face. It was a slow process, but she was learning how to put her trust in humans again.
The veterinarians were extremely happy with the progress that she was making—this was a complete turnaround from her condition when she was first received at the shelter. It was as if she was becoming a different dog entirely!
It wasn’t long before Angel was able to interact with other dogs, as well! In fact, she made friends rather quickly, according to staff members at the animal shelter. Here, she can be seen “chatting” with one of the other pups and having a blast!
Her energy levels dramatically increased, and before long Angel was sprinting all around the shelter and playing with everyone and everything she could! Her face lit up every time someone new came to visit, and she adored the newfound attention she was getting.
It was safe to say that Angel had an infectious personality. Before long, there were lots of families vying to bring her home for good. It was hard to believe that, just a few short weeks prior, she couldn’t even bring herself to look at people.

It’s great to see that Angel has become such a happy, lively dog after everything she’s been through. Thank goodness her rescuers and her new dog friends were there to help bring her out of her shell!

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