Family Is Floored When Their Missing Dog Reappears With A Mysterious Note Attached To His Collar

Most pet owners can’t help but wonder what their animals are up to when they’re not around. Are they getting themselves into mischief? Simply taking a long nap until their parents return from work? Or, are they doing something no one could ever predict?
A 12-year-old sheepdog named Louie was known for taking solo adventures around his owner’s farmland in New Zealand. He would always make his way back home eventually, but on one particular afternoon, he disappeared for a concerning amount of time.
When Louie finally returned, however, his owners realized exactly what he’d been up to the whole time, and they were blown away…
It’s fun to sometimes think about what our pets are doing when we’re not around. Most likely, they’re busy taking long naps on the couch and wandering aimlessly around our homes in search of snacks. But what if you found out your pet was up to something incredible?
Meet Louie. An adventurous sheepdog, Louie lives on a farm in New Zealand with the parents of his owner, Marolyn Diver. Ever since Louie was a young pup, he loved to take solo journeys around the farmland. He would wander off during the day, but he’d be right back at the front door when dinnertime rolled around.
Louie is now 12 years old, and his solo treks have become few and far between. One particular afternoon, while Marolyn was visiting her parents, Louie’s family decided to head into town to run a few errands. When they returned, Louie was nowhere to be found. What happened to their beloved sheepdog?
Hours went by with no sign of Louie. The family walked all around the property calling out to him, hoping he would suddenly appear. Then, as luck would have it, Marolyn spotted him in the distance ambling back toward the home. He looked exhausted.
Louie made his way back to the farm and almost immediately collapsed onto the ground. There was dirt caked to his paws and fur. Most curiously, though, was the note tied to his collar. Marolyn was afraid Louie crossed paths with the wrong person, and they wrote a scathing letter about some mischief her dog found himself in.
Marolyn detached the note from Louie’s collar and began to read. The note said: “Louie is the hero of the day. He led me to Maddy in distress stuck under a branch pile. Cheers, Rob.” After reading this, Marolyn and her parents were puzzled…
Rob was the name of a farmer who lived about a mile down the road from Marolyn’s parents. Her mother immediately called him and asked what happened with Louie earlier that day. The story Rob told Marolyn’s mother had the whole family in disbelief…
Apparently, Rob’s dog, Maddy, went missing that morning, and when Rob returned home from the store in the afternoon, Louie was there on his front porch to greet him. The sheepdog seemed insistent that Rob follow him.
 Louie anxiously led Rob to his backyard, where he found Maddy trapped under a pile of wood that apparently had toppled onto her. Rob and Louie quickly dug out the frightened dog, who luckily hadn’t suffered any injuries. Thanks to Louie, Maddy was safe, and Rob was forever grateful to the heroic sheepdog. Marolyn and her parents stared at Louie in awe—he was a hero!
Louie was understandably tired, and Marolyn and her parents were concerned the day’s events put too much stress on his 12-year-old body. The next morning, Rob stopped by the farm and brought Maddy along with him—and Louie perked right up. He and Maddy spent a well-deserved afternoon chasing each other all over the property. Marolyn and her parents couldn’t have been prouder of their wonderful canine!
Rob was convinced Louie knew exactly what he was doing when he led him to Maddy. Way to go, dude! You’re truly an exceptional animal!

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