Mama Cat Breaks Into Shelter To Get Back Her Kittens That Were Taken Away

It goes without saying that most parents would do just about anything to ensure the safety of their children. Even when faced with a dangerous situation, like a burning house or a vicious dog, they’ll do what it takes to remove their baby from harm’s way.
That’s not to say that these situations are at all easy to face—and they often can’t guarantee their own safety. Even still, there is likely nothing on earth that would stop a parent from trying.
That applies to animals, too—especially this heroic mama cat. When her litter was taken away from her, she was ready to rescue her little ones by any means necessary. You just have to see the way she put her unconventional methods into action…
This stray cat recently gave birth to a litter of kittens in New Zealand. Their start looked bleak, as the mama cat had been living on the streets for quite some time. They whole family was at risk of being attacked by a wild animals or succumbing to the elements…
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Thankfully, volunteers and staff members from a local animal shelter were alerted about the newborn kittens and were able to retrieve them for care. They’d also be able to be set up for adoption. Little did the rescuers know, however, that the mama cat was not too far behind—and there was no way she would be separated from her babies!
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The day after the kittens were taken in for care, something incredible happened. The workers from the animal rescue center had been making their rounds and feeding the animals like usual, when they discovered something…
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It was the feisty mother feline, lurking outside the shelter! She was trying with all of her might to break in to rescue her babies! The staff at the animal rescue knew that the mama cat would not rest until she was once again reunited with her kittens, so they welcomed her into the shelter. Once she finally had her babies back under her supervision, she quickly relaxed. She seemed to be overjoyed to be back with her little ones!
This mother cat is far from the only one who’s gone the distance to protect her kittens. Just take a look at this mom who recently became stuck in a drain pipe with her young ones—and she had a strange reaction when rescuers arrived on scene…
It’s rather common for animal rescuers to find cats in such predicaments, so they went in believing that they would simply remove this mama cat and be back at their headquarters before long. This rescue, however, was going to be much  more difficult than they anticipated…
You see, when the rescuers began attempting to rescue the mama cat and her kittens, they were shocked at her reaction. She seemed to be trying to scare them away, likely because she didn’t know they were there to help. Watch how this rescue ends here

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