Pit Bull’s True Nature Is Captured In A Video That’s Surprising A Lot Of People

A lot of folks believe pit bulls are the vipers of the canine world: they’re wound-up, coiled masses of muscle, ready to strike at any time. But to others, pit bulls are the living embodiment of gentle giants: good boys just looking for love, treats, and a belly rub!
The breed as a whole has been subjected to more bad press than you can point a camera at, but you can’t argue that they look as if they were built for total destruction. This collection of photos, however, reveals the true nature of pit bulls once and for all…
1. Think pit bulls are mean by nature? Think again. Here’s a face-off between a grumpy house cat and a pit bull. As you can see, the pit bull is being used as a pillow. How will he react to this treatment?
MashupZone / YouTube
Why, the pit bull reacts surprisingly well! He lets his kitty friend knead on his shoulder as she tries to get comfortable. The pit bull doesn’t react with a ferocious bite but with a languid look. He doesn’t mind his cat sister at all!
MashupZone / YouTube
2. This pit bull could hardly contain his adoration for his owner once the man started playing the guitar. The pup rested his head on his owner’s shoulder before showing his honest opinion about his music…
shanek291 / YouTube
Just look at how excited he is! It’s got to be hard to make it through an entire song when you’re getting all that attention, but it doesn’t look like this sweet boy really cares about letting his owner finish the tune.
shanek291 / Youtube
3. Here’s another potentially frightening scenario: a face-to-face showdown between a sweet baby and the family pit bull. What happened when this teeny girl gave the dog her best “come at me” taunt?
Lots and lots of love, that’s what! This pit bull was ready to deliver a whole mess of sloppy, sweet kisses. Isn’t it great to see such a big dog full of so much love? No dog’s pure joy could match this next pooch, though…
mihaifrancu / Youtube
4. Have you ever spent hours dreaming of your perfect wedding? This pit bull lived that fantasy during a photo shoot, and judging by the smile, it was everything she hoped for and more.
5. If you’ve never seen a bull in a china shop, you’re safe to assume it would look something like a pit bull in a balloon shop. There isn’t an ounce of aggression in this pooch’s body as he frolics through the party favors!
MashupZone / YouTube
6. This pittie-rooster duo looks like a pair of crimefighters ready for action. Who needs Batman and Robin when this odd couple is protecting the fair citizens of your city?
7. Here’s what happened when one brave pair of parents put their baby in the same room as a pit bull. What were they thinking? Just look at those fierce teeth and big bite! Watch out, kid!
MashupZone / YouTube
Like the good boy he is, this pit doesn’t seem to have an “inherently aggressive” bone in his body. In fact, when the little tyke tugs at his ear, he just rolls over, looking for a belly rub.
MashupZone / YouTube
8. These two furry friends clearly have a deep bond. How else could they stand to be so close to each other while they sleep? Warm and fluffy as they look, this cuddling position can’t be very comfortable!
9. Something about a pit bull in a Snow White dress is adorable in its awkwardness, and this doggo shows a level of dedication to little Cinderella’s tea party that even the most loyal human friend couldn’t pull off!
10. If you’ve ever tried putting a sweater on a dog or cat, you know it’s not something that happens if the animal doesn’t want it. This pit bull obviously cared enough about his appearance to let it happen!
11. This pit bull could fit an entire kitten in his mouth if he wanted to—a little fuzzball like this would stand no chance against the might of an aggressive dog! That didn’t stop the kitten’s curiosity, though…
MashupZone / YouTube
But the pooch was only aggressive with his love! He delivered adoring licks so powerful that they actually lifted the kitten off the ground. Aww. Hopefully this kitty enjoyed his impromptu bath!
MashupZone / YouTube
12. Now here are two cuties who know how to show off their friendship. The little chick has one of the best seats in town, and look at that pup’s face! She doesn’t look the slightest bit inconvenienced.
13. Speaking of bird friends, this pit bull certainly has one of his own! If he truly was a mean dog, he wouldn’t dare let this little birdie get so close to him. He’d attack right away!
MashupZone / YouTube
But there’s no bad blood between these two—and they jumped right into play mode! The cockatiel might’ve pecked the doggo’s cheek a wee bit, but this pit bull pal found it endearing, and nudged right back!
MashupZone / YouTube
14. Can you believe how well this pit bull rocked his aviators and dog tags? Step aside, Tom Cruise; there’s a new Top Gun in town! Sure, he might not know how to fly a fighter jet, but he certainly looks the part.
Like all dogs, there are some bad apples when it comes to pit bulls. Still, these dogs are nothing but sweet and affectionate by nature. Most pit bulls would prefer cuddling on the couch than biting you any day!

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