This Cat Got A Little Too Close To A Baby Lamb… And What Happened Is Too Much For Words

Baby animals need their mothers, and if something happens to a little one’s parents, and the orphan baby is stuck fending for itself. Without help, they won’t last long.
That’s the situation this little lamb found himself in after his mother was lost. But luckily, one family stepped in to help.
A family in Australia found this 4-day-old lamb out in the wild. There was no sign of his parents anywhere.
They assumed his mother had died, but when they tried to get other nearby sheep to adopt him, the animals weren’t interested.
The lamb was weak, so the family placed him in a cardboard box and brought him to Freedom Hill Animal Sanctuary. The staff there named him Carl.
But Carl wasn’t the only animal at the sanctuary, and soon another furry creature poked its nose into the box to check out the new arrival.
Mangoes, a curious cat who lives permanently at Freedom Hill, couldn’t wait to make friends with the frightened young lamb. 
In fact, Mangoes tries to cozy up to all the lambs at the sanctuary, but not all of them are so receptive to her affections. 
Carl was the only one who actually seemed to enjoy her company.
Since Carl was so young, he needed to be bottle-fed every few hours. This meant that he lived inside the house, and could spend plenty of time with Mangoes.
Freedom Hill cofounder Kelly Dinham noticed that Mangoes would jump inside Carl’s nest whenever she had the chance, saying: “I think she was trying to make him feel comfortable in his new home.”
Finally, Carl was strong enough to move outside and live with the other lambs, including his two buddies Alisha and Frankie.
But Mangoes still visits her pal outdoors any chance she gets.
Recently, Carl and Frankie were adopted by a couple who runs a vegan animal sanctuary, meaning that he and Mangoes won’t get to see each other quite as often.
But it also means that now there’s plenty of room for new lambs that Mangoes can befriend!
Since Freedom Hill Sanctuary opened in 2011, they have raised over 37 orphaned lambs. It is also the home to over 40 permanent sheep residents, 12 cows, 10 goats, eight horses, 50 chickens, three turkeys, four pigs, nine cats, four dogs and one deer. That’s a lot of animal friendships!
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