German Shepherd Seeing His Shadow For The First Time Has The Most Hilarious Response Ever

Have you ever had the suspicious feeling that someone is following you? You might not be able to see them—and who knows, they might not even be there!—but those hairs on the back of your neck stick up nonetheless.
That’s exactly what happened when this German shepherd discovered he was being followed by someone very sinister. What he did when he discovered who it was, though, was truly the best.
Just watch as he figures it out—and try not to laugh!
Everyone knows what it feels like to believe that someone might be following you. Sure, you can’t see them, but you just feel their presence. And it’s not just humans who feel this way, but dogs, too.
“Quit tailin’ me!”
Like humans, dogs understandably hate this feeling. Just take what happened to this German shepherd recently, for instance. He was hanging out in the backyard with his humans when he had a sudden realization.
Something was following him everywhere he went, no matter how quickly he moved! As it slowly dawned on him that this thing was mirroring his every movement, seemingly clinging to him, he didn’t know how to react…
As it turned out, he’d only just discovered his shadow! Upon this realization, the hilariously puzzled German shepherd decided to put his shadow to the test. He began to walk from one side of the patio to the other, monitoring the mysterious shapeshifter as he went.
Then, as if attempting to test his shadow, the curious pup stood still. Only, when he tilted his head, so did the shadow. The resulting confusion was enough to have his owners in stitches.
No matter what the German shepherd did, his shadow was right there beside him. He even tried to spin around and dizzy his follower! But, much to his chagrin, his shadow was a tough tail to shake. Then, he did something even more hilarious…
What would happen if he leapt into the air to escape the shadow? It was worth a shot! A moment later, he gave it a whirl. The determined dog jumped as high as he could, but no dice. Plain and simple, there was no escaping that shadow!
Over and over, the pooch tried to distance himself from his lurking shadow, and over and over, it refused to leave. Perhaps, if he jumped several times in a row, the shadow would be tricked and stay behind?
Unsettled, the dog decided it was time to go on the offensive. If it would follow him everywhere he went, then he’d better stick up for himself. With his front paws, he laid into the shadow time and time again. But nothing was working.
Oh, the joys of discovering your shadow for the very first time! This dog was sure having a blast trying to get away from his. Watch as he did his best to escape it, only to come up short. This is just too hilarious…
Get it, boy! You go get that shadow and show him who’s boss!

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