happyworld - Blind Kitten Found A Furever Home – And Now It’s Besties With A Rescue Dog

Image: Instagram//lettyandlime
Lime is a blind kitten who beat the odds and found a loving family filled with other rescue animals. And in her forever home, she made an unlikely friend: a pit bull named Letty.
Poor Lime didn’t have the best start in life, but when Bryanna Rosario adopted her, the kitten formed a strong bond with another furry resident in her new abode. Now Rosario is using Lime and Letty’s beautiful relationship to prove to the world that opposites really do attract and to illustrate the rewards of giving animals with special needs second chances at life.

A rough start

Lime, who entered the world on March 26, 2018, was less than a week old when she was rescued by the Jacksonville Humane Society in Florida. Someone had been trying to dump the steel-gray kitten and her sister, when a passerby stepped in and took them to the shelter. According to Rosario, Lime’s “eyes were completely infected and eaten away.” But for her, it was love at first sight.
At the shelter, Lime underwent an operation to have the dead tissue removed from her eyes. And although she lost her sight, she ultimately made a full recovery. Her other senses became heightened, too.
Meanwhile, Rosario, who had spotted Lime’s picture on a cat rescue Facebook page, became “obsessed” with following her story. On May 31, 2018, she decided to officially adopt the blind kitten and welcome her into her furry family.

New beginnings

In her new home in Miami, FL, Lime made friends with Rosario’s other animals – but she formed her closest connection with rescue dog Letty. Rosario had taken in the pit bull as a puppy when her owner had threatened to leave her in a dumpster. And less than two weeks after adopting Lime, Rosario wrote on Instagram, “Lime and Letty have become BFFs very quickly and love each other so much.”
Five months on, Rosario told Meow.af that Lime and her canine companion were totally smitten with each other. “Lime loves her sister Letty. Lime loves to chase Letty’s tail and play with whatever toy Letty has. They truly are best friends,” she said.
Rosario is a pro when it comes to adopting animals. Before meeting Lime, she was already the proud owner of two tabby cats, Deadpool and Rajah, as well as Letty and a Yorkshire terrier named Jordin.
For pet lover Rosario, taking in a cat with special needs was nothing new, either. In October 2016, two years before she found Lime, she adopted another blind rescue kitten named Lemon. Just like Lime, Lemon was gray and had severely infected eyes, meaning he also couldn’t see.
Unfortunately, Lemon’s time with Rosario was brief. According to Lemon’s Facebook page, he suffered from a host of health issues in addition to having no eyesight. “Basically, his heart is like Swiss cheese and isn’t pumping blood where it’s supposed to go,” Rosario explained in a 2016 post.
Yet Rosario was determined to give Lemon the best possible existence in the short period that he had left. She said, “My time with Lemon is going to be short but the sweetest. When he starts showing signs that he’s not happy or that he’s in pain is when I will say goodbye.”
Just after Christmas 2016, Rosario made the tough decision to put Lemon to sleep. It would take her nearly two years to add a new cat to her brood. That’s when she saw a picture of a tiny gray kitten that bore a striking resemblance to her old cat. Rosario wrote on Instagram, “I couldn’t believe it! That little nugget in the photo looked exactly like Lemon.”
Image: Instagram//lettyandlime

A happy new family

Judging by Letty and Lime’s Instagram page, the duo are still the best of friends. They enjoy going for walks together, sporting matching collars, posing for photos and – of course – taking plenty of naps.
They’ve helped each other through challenging times, too. In October 2018 Rosario shared that Letty may have suffered a stroke. The concerned owner explained that the pit bull was “unable to use the right side of her body.” Letty had actually slipped a disc, which injured her spinal cord and resulted in a stroke. Fortunately, though, surgery wasn’t required – only intense physical therapy.
“The prognosis is good,” Rosario wrote on Instagram. She also revealed that Letty had a very special caretaker. “Of course, Lime is happy to play nurse,” she said. The kitten helped her pit bull friend remain “in good spirits” on her road to recovery. As Letty healed, Lime also waited patiently to be able to play again. And once Letty felt a bit better, the pair resumed their favorite activities. By the looks of it, they’re going to be BFFs for life.
Over time, Rosario realized that she could use her pets’ close relationship – and her social media accounts – to do good. “I wanted to show how amazing it is to adopt a special needs kitty,” she wrote on Instagram. “But what’s even more amazing is breaking the stereotypes about dogs… and cats being best friends.”

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