Mama Horse Who Refuses To Leave Her Trapped Baby Sees A Stranger Suddenly Approaching

An animal’s curiosity often tends to be its Achilles heal. Most of the time, it’s able to get itself out of any sticky situations, but other times, it requires a little assistance from an outsider.
One man was out for a drive when he came upon something strange. In the distance, he saw a large brown horse in the middle of a wooden bridge.
At first, he was baffled by the scene. But as he moved closer, he realized that the imposing animal was actually in distress… and he was the only one who could save her.
We all hope that, should the moment arise, we’d be willing to do whatever was necessary to rescue someone in need. While one man was driving along a dirt road one afternoon, he spotted something massive standing on the bridge in front of him—and he immediately knew his moment had come.
The man was heading back home through the mountains near his home when he came upon the short wooden bridge he always crossed on his commute. As he slowly approached the bridge, however, he was startled by what he saw.
Standing no more than 100 feet in front of his vehicle was a large horse! She seemed concerned about something, but the man couldn’t tell what it was. She kept looking down at the wooden slats of the bridge. Was something wrong?
The man decided to leave his car so he could get a better look at the situation. As he inched farther and farther onto the bridge, he could make out an odd shape poking out through the wooden planks.
Suddenly, the man realized what was going on. The mother horse was standing over her baby, who had somehow managed to get himself caught underneath the wooden planks of the bridge! The two of them were understandably frightened.
The man looked down at the foal and his heart broke. One of his hooves must have slipped through a large crack, and each movement risked a devastating injury to his tiny legs. Was there any way to help this poor horse out of such a frightening predicament?
The man knew he had to at least try to offer help. He didn’t know how the mare would react to his presence, so he needed to be extremely careful the entire time. He set his camera down several feet away from the two animals, then slowly approached them…
He walked carefully down the opposite side of the bridge from where the mother was standing. He didn’t want to give off any aggressive vibes to either animal; he knew that if either horse thought he was going to harm them, his rescue mission would come to a very abrupt end.
After stroking the foal’s mane several times, the man realized that the mother was calm and seemed to recognize he was there to help. So, he decided to try to get the young horse out in one swift motion. All he could do was pray it would work…
This mare was lucky there was a caring person around to survey the situation and take action! But was the man able to pull her little foal out of the wooden planks? Watch the video below to see this incredibly courageous rescue attempt…
That man got there just in time. That mother horse sure was thankful for his help!

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