When This UPS Driver Saw Something Moving In Fallen Leaves, He Knew He Had To Warn Everyone

It’s a chilly day in November 2018, and Jordan Weaver is making the rounds in Indiana as a UPS driver. During his shift, he stops off in a residential area to deliver a parcel, but he catches a glimpse of something moving in a pile of leaves. Concerned, Weaver then feels the urgent need to take a picture of the unsettling sight.
According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, Weaver had recently graduated from from UPS’ multi-week-long driver safety program. He had also only been with the company for around ten months by that time and, the publication added, was “particularly alert.”
Weaver was out that particular day in Elkhart, Indiana, dropping off parcels to the recipients at their respective homes. At one point, he parked his vehicle up on the main road of a local neighborhood, just across the street from his next delivery. The driver subsequently handed the package over and headed back to his van.
However, Weaver’s day took a shocking turn a few moments later. Like we previously mentioned, the UPS employee saw some unusual movement in a pile of leaves by the sidewalk; so he decided to snap a picture. He later uploaded the picture onto social media, and the shot soon went viral.
We’ll return to exactly what Weaver came across that November day in Indiana a little later. But first, let’s explore some of the trials and tribulations faced by delivery drivers while they do their rounds. Because, as we shall see, this wasn’t the first time such employees have had to deal with some pretty unexpected situations while working.

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