Curious Puppy Gets Stuck In A Tire With No Idea How She Got There

Dogs are highly intelligent creatures. They can interpret human emotion, learn to do complicated tasks, and can even help apprehend criminals if they are properly trained.
However, when they are puppies, just like human children, they have a lot to learn before they can left unsupervised. They just get into too much trouble! It’s not their fault — they’re still learning and growing every single day.
Jasmine Williams loves dogs. She loves them so much that she actually owns four of them! She’s used to puppies getting into mischief, but nothing could prepare her for what would happen to her dog Jade…
Jasmine Williams has four dogs, but 4-month-old puppy, Jade, is usually the only one she can rely on not to be getting into trouble 24/7. When the other dogs are wreaking havoc, she would rather be curled up on Jasmine’s lap. 
That’s why she was so surprised when Jasmine’s boyfriend, Rayshawn Campbell, let her know that Jade had gotten herself into quite the pickle. Rayshawn had an old tire in the back of his car, and Jade had gotten her head stuck in it! 
Jade got stuck trying to chase a kitten on Jasmine’s property. She wasn’t sure who to call to help get her pup out of this sticky situation. She tried the SPCA but they directed her the police, who directed her to make a call to 9-1-1. The 9-1-1 dispatcher refused to send help over for a dog. It seemed that Jasmine wasn’t getting anywhere with her efforts. Meanwhile, poor Jade was still stuck…
Jasmine was running out of options and time. She was getting desperate and Jade was getting tired and scared. She called an emergency vet clinic who assured Jasmine that they could help her. Jasmine raced over with Jade. tmg-article_tall
Jade didn’t go through this ordeal alone. Jasmine brought along Freya, Jade’s sister, who stuck like glue to Jade the entire time. At the vet clinic, they gave Jade a sedative and carefully jimmied her head out of the tire in less than twenty minutes. 
Surprisingly, this wasn’t the first time the clinic had removed a dog’s head from inside of a tire. “It happens more than we like,” said vet tech Jenny Davis. “Dogs will get stuck in everything.”tmg-article_tall
Jade couldn’t have been happier to finally be free from the tire, and Jasmine was so relieved that her little pup was going to be okay. “She gave us lots of kisses,” Davis said. “And as you’ll see in the photos, she kind of posed with the tire like she defeated it.”tmg-article_tall-1
Jasmine was worried that Jade would be traumatized by the entire encounter, but it turns out she had nothing to fear. “As soon as we got home, she jumped out of the car and ran into the house — up and down the steps, playing with the other dogs,” said Jasmine. “She was like back to her happy routine like nothing ever happened.”tmg-article_tall
It never fails to amaze all the different ways that puppies can get themselves into trouble. Thank goodness this story had such a happy ending!

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