Little Boy Being Chased By A Tiny Horse Finally Turns Around For An Adorable Confrontation

As beautifully regal creatures, it’s no wonder horses are the much sought-after prize of many childhood fantasies. There’s just something about them that makes them the perfect match for a little prince or princess.
Then there’s the mini-horse. While they may not exude the power of their larger counterparts, the mini-horse captures all the equestrian splendor of their fully grown counterparts—except in a more bite-sized package. Naturally, these little buckets of energy love to have fun, too!
One mini-horse in particular was recently captured on film as he looked for a playmate. So who did he pick to play with? You’ll see…
At some point in a child’s life, he or she will probably want a pony. It makes a lot of sense, after all. Who can imagine an animal more impressively suited for a wannabe prince or princess than a horse?
Mitra Roberts / Flickr
But what do you get when you shrink a horse down to less than 38 inches tall? A mini-horse! With all the proportions of their full-sized counterparts, mini-horses still exude strength and confidence, just in a much smaller package.
Seang Y Teng / Flickr
One family captured an adorable scene on camera recently when their mini-horse needed to extinguish a little bit of energy. This little guy was seriously down to frolic when he found the most adorable playmate!
AFV / Rumble
What better companion for a miniature horse than a miniature human? This mini-horse was ecstatic to see someone his own size, and he wasted no time cashing after his new tiny pal, who joined right in on the fun without missing a beat.
AFV / Rumble
The games continued as the young boy avoided an adorable charge by the mini-horse! There was only love between these two as the mini-horse picked up speed. Just see where would their fun take them next…
AFV / Rumble
“I’m tired!” exclaimed the boy as the horse finally caught up to him. Still, that didn’t stop him from bringing his mini-horse bud in for a hug! Doesn’t this pair make for one seriously cute scene?
AFV / Rumble
The two then enjoyed a moment of love and friendship. Of course, mini-horses aren’t the only shrunken-down animal that might make for the perfect photo opportunity with a young child…
AFV / Rumble
The video of the boy and his mini-horse BFF makes you wonder if he’d enjoy being friends with any other tiny critters. For example, who wouldn’t love jumping around with a pygmy goat like this little guy?
Then there’s the teacup pig. They can be perfect pets so long as you, well… expect them to behave like pigs! Like mini-horses and pygmy goats, they make for wonderfully cute animals, especially for little kids.
Teacup Pigs
In the end, though, there’s no tiny animal quite like the mini-horse. Clearly, mini-horses make for great companions if they’re taken care of properly. The little guy in this video knows that firsthand!
Mini animals like this teeny horse can be perfect companions with the proper care, and they’re great fun to boot! Do you know any miniature pets?

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