Teenager Who Brings Home A Strange Creature Gets A Huge Surprise Weeks Later

When you think of adopting a pet, your first instinct is probably to consider a cat or a dog. If you want something different maybe you go as far as to think about getting a hedgehog or a sugar glider.
Very few people consider an insect like a caterpillar to be something they would ever bring into their home as a pet. You can’t exactly cuddle and squeeze it, which is half the reason most people like to have an animal companion.
While a caterpillar may not be a traditional pet, that doesn’t mean it isn’t an awesome one. When one girl discovered a caterpillar on the street on her way to school, she decided to bring it home. That decision changed both of their lives forever.
A Tumblr user by the name of Oddity was walking to school one day when she made a fascinating discovery. This brilliantly colored yellow caterpillar was like none she had seen before. She had to stop and take a look at the pretty insect.
She named the caterpillar Chicken Nugget and decided to make him a pet. She did some research on her new friend and discovered that the caterpillar was a spicebush swallowtail variety. They usually turn yellow just before forming their chrysalis. aff8d5266c993c1104bd572526b6e28c-599x800
She built Chicken Nugget a terrarium, so that her new friend could be comfortable as he completed the larval stage of development. She chronicled life with Chicken Nugget on the web and people fell in love with this wonderful caterpillar. 
Chicken Nugget quickly proved that you don’t have to be a dog or a cat to be a sensational pet. Tumblr user Oddity loved discovering the new things Chicken Nugget was doing every day, like learning how to balance on a branch. 
She even played some of her favorite music for Chicken Nugget to help soothe him as he waited for his transformation from caterpillar to butterfly to take place. Oddity was excited and nervous about this next big step! 2dd8789b5bdc1912400592c2d99bb2e3
One morning, out of the blue, it finally happened. She went to check on her little pet and discovered that he had formed a chrysalis during the night. Now, all that was left for her to do was wait and watch.8f3954b31dabf3d947ab0871621888d5
It was a trying and anxious wait for Chicken Nugget’s adopted mom. Finally, after 14 long days, Chicken Nugget completed the pupal stage and emerged from his chrysalis as a beautiful butterfly! Just look at that wingspan!
Although Oddity did not actually see the moment Chicken Nugget emerged from his chrysalis, she did get to share photos of his new form with her friends online. Together they determined that the asymmetrical wings indicated that this butterfly was “gynander,” which means Chicken Nugget had both male and female traits. 
Although Oddity felt a tremendously close bond with her butterfly friend, she knew the time had come to release Chicken Nugget into the wild.
A pet doesn’t have to be covered in fur for a person to fall completely in love. Just look at Oddity and Chicken Nugget. Such a sweet tale.

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