Woman Trains Her Pet Rat To Do Anything She Wants On Command

Everyone loves cute and cuddly animals, but not every creature on the planet falls into those categories. Still, while there are plenty out there that you wouldn’t think of as snuggle-worthy, that doesn’t mean they don’t need love, too!
Rats are usually associated with dirty places, like subways and dark alleys, but this isn’t exactly fair. The truth is, rats aren’t as terrible as we make them out to be, and they can be as good a pet as any other animal if you know how to train them.
YouTube user Abby Roeser’s pet rats are great examples of this. Sure, they’re still furry, long-tailed rodents, but when you see what Abby was able to train them to do, you may not judge rats quite as harshly as you once did!
As much as we wish every animal on the planet was as cute and cuddly as a fluffy dog or a cat, that simply isn’t realistic. However, that doesn’t mean unconventional pets are all that bad. One girl named Abby Roeser is trying to change people’s minds about a species in particular that usually gets a bad rap: rats!
For as long as Abby could remember, she was absolutely enamored with rats. She didn’t really know where her fascination came from, but ever since she was a young girl, she wanted one as a pet. Unlike many people, she thought they were absolutely adorable!
Her parents didn’t let her have a pet rat as a child, so when she finally moved out on her own after college, she bought three rats and named them Pepper, Puffin, and Blue. She constructed an entire play-area for them out of cardboard, but she didn’t stop there; she was intent on training her new rodent buddies to perform some pretty neat tricks!
Abby said that positive reinforcement was the main reason her rats learned to do so many tricks. She would reward them with Cheerios or dog treats every time they followed her instructions. Pepper, the rat seen here, could perform a trick in which he pulls on a suspended rope that’s attached to his cage door so he can let himself out on his own!
Abby also taught her rats to play basketball! Well, not really… but she did train them to take the toy ball and “dunk” it into the tiny hoop she built. She liked to design miniature versions of real-life settings and train Pepper, Puffin, and Blue to perform tricks on them.
Even though Abby’s rats can do a number of cool things, it took all three a long time to master them. At first, each of them would run around wildly as soon as she would open their cage, and she needed to entice them with food in order to hold their attention.
Slowly but surely, the three lovable rats began to trust Abby. They no longer ran off when she opened their cage. They would sit patiently and wait for Abby to feed them. Then, she would have them complete small tasks such as pulling tissues out of a box and returning them to her.
Abby also built tiny obstacle courses and had each of the rats try to navigate them without her help. It took many months before each of them could do it, but they all eventually succeeded. Abby was so proud of the effort she put into training her beloved animals.
Believe it or not, Abby even trained the rats to go into her purse and retrieve her wallet! She said that this was the most difficult trick of all. The hardest part was teaching them not to gnaw on her money!
Everything that Abby taught her rats how to do is pretty incredible. Most people would never imagine that a rat could be trained to do much of anything besides nosh on cheese! Abby continues to train them every day and hopes that in another year or so, they’ll be able to do even more amazing stuff!
Their tricks are really impressive! Hopefully, after reading this, people won’t be so quick to judge these clever creatures. Rats are truly intelligent little critters.

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