Abandoned Dog Was Rejected Because People Found Him Ugly, Wait Until You See Him

Every time Phoenix is discussed on the news or shares her photo, it comes with a warning tag. Yes, he does not look like the “normal” dog. But he is not a freak and is not suffering. He is just different. But finally, thanks to the wonderful people who refused to look away, he’s safe! This is his story!
The stray dog that was dubbed by locals as “weird” and “awful” was finally saved by rescuers. According to news agencies, the dog now named Phoenix is so scary to see that it has been ignored several times. People would have run away from him while he suffered alone in the streets.
Although we understand that his face is disturbing to see, his disfigurement is not his fault.

Can you imagine going through this poor boy and no one wanting to help him because it’s too scary to look at?
Skiatook Paws & Claws Animal Rescue says Phoenix has been looking for food in the Collinsville, Oklahoma area for some time. But people, instead of getting the help they needed, just looked away. Finally, someone stepped forward and called the rescue organization. They described the dog and asked for help.

Heart touching! The saddest of all was that Phoenix was once someone’s dog, but they didn’t take care of him and that’s the result.
The rescue group shared KOTV- News On 6:
“PHOENIX: These photos are hard to look at… but don’t back away. The wonderful people with Skiatook Paws & Claws Animal Rescue have been working to rescue this poor baby for days in the Collinsville area… and finally have it!
Phoenix wagged his tail and kissed as he got the care he needed and deserved.

It is still uncertain what exactly happened to Phoenix. It will be forever marked inside and out, but one day, when it is well enough, it will be adopted by a loving family.
Phoenix, since the day he was rescued, is excited. He wags his tail constantly. He has no aggression or fear of humans. It is a happy dog. And again, he has no idea that his appearance is what many would consider grotesque. He is just a dog, wanting to live a better life.
We are so happy that the rescue group approached and finally saved your life!
Also, for anyone questioning this doggy-warrior’s quality of life, the rescue group posted this. Isn’t he incredible? Look at all those tail wags!

I went into surgery today and they took several biopsies of my skin lesions to try to figure out exactly what’s going on. My doctors say I most likely have an autoimmune disease, but they aren’t sure which one yet. I was neutered and chipped today at the same time so I’m officially a SPACAR dog!
I am doing GREAT after surgery thanks to the amazing doctors at FAM! Stay tuned for more updates!
❤️ ❤️  Phoenix  ❤️ ❤️ ”

We understand that our first instinct is to look away because we assume Phoenix is suffering, but again, we remind you that he is not. In fact, his medical team now believes his appearance is due to a severe autoimmune disease. If a child was suffering like this, would we ignore him and look away? NO!

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  1. I'll give him a home. He's beautiful. Beauty come in all shapes and sizes. Just need help getting him here.


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