happyworld - His family moved away, years later he still thinks they’ll be back to pick him up

A dog strolling the streets alone, panting in the agonizing heat. His fur was so overgrown that he barely resembled a dog.
The locals who knew him commented on his health. They said he often coughed and limped. His limp was mostly due to his overgrowth that pulled at his skin.
Some tried to help but he would run from them. He’s surprisingly fast for an unwell dog.
One woman was able to get close enough to notice a collar. His name was Earllook, let’s call him Earl.
The kind woman would leave Earl some food when he came to visit him. When asked, the woman explained that Earl had a family once, but one night, in complete darkness, the family was seen leaving home in a hurry. It was very strange. And Earl was left behind.
Just like other dogs, Earl’s instincts told him that his family would return. He would run back to the abandoned house every day and wait for them. They never came back.
It was time for the professionals to intervene. This dog deserved a better life than this!
Earl wasn’t easy to catch but the rescuers didn’t give up. They had to use a net but they caught him. WOW! This has an interesting ending.
Earl was finally in good hands! The vet noticed his cough right away. Earl went for scans and had bloodwork. The results weren’t good.
Poor Earl was estimated to be at least 10 years old. He was loaded with heartworms. Life on the streets without a proper diet or medical care cost him dearly. His prognosis wasn’t good.
The vet felt that treatment would not be successful so it was best just to keep him happy and comfortable. The woman who fed him for years decided to take him in. She would provide hospice care and make sure Earl lived out his days feeling safe and loved.
Remember, if you cannot care for your pet, for any reason, leaving them behind is NEVER an option!

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