Loki The Vampire Cat May Look Evil, But She Couldn’t Be More Adorable

    Ever heard of a vampire cats? Well let me introduce you to Loki and his human companion “Kaet.” This sinister feline has been blowing up on social media due to his unique set of vampire teeth. While he may just be a cat with extra long fangs, the look probably makes him the most evil looking cat online! “I’m not sure, when I adopted her from the shelter they didn’t give me many details about her looks,” Kate wrote on Instagram. Loki seems to have suffered from several health problems, but if his human’s posts online are any indication, he’s in good hands!
    Loki, a former rescue cat, is living the good life with her owner and best pal, Kaetlyn Koch up in Portland, Maine. And while Loki may not look especially thrilled based on her expressions, she definitely must be happy to have a loving forever home! It would appear as if she really wanted you to fear her, but with that face it’s hard to take her seriously! Even so. a lot of people have commented that they wouldn’t be able to sleep in the same house as the vampire cat!
    And much like a vampire, Loki loves sleeping during the day. But the similarities stop there, as Loki loves to curl up in the warm sun. Loki currently has more than 260,000 followers, and with a cute face and unique set of chompers like that, it’s easy to see why! Of course, it might be difficult to “follow” Loki when she’s so sneaky and difficult to find! She’s certainly a clever little devil. Like other vampires, she loves to hide and lurk around in the shadows!
    While she may look like a vampire, she earns her name based on the Norse god of trickery. She does look positively devious, after all; it’s as if she’s about to unleash Ragnarok, or the Norse apocalypse, upon the Earth. Despite her devilish looks, Loki might just be the most affectionate cat in the whole world. It would be hard to blame anyone who might decide to stick around and snuggle up with her if they ever saw her in person! Even more than drinking blood (just kidding), Loki loves to cuddle. She is a cat, after all, and there probably isn’t a cat in the world who doesn’t love some affection every now and then… even if they do look monstrous!

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