Rescue Abandoned Bulldog In Cold Streets & Eat Leaves To Survive

A precious life should never be missed. Dogs are not disposable, however, we hear stories of lives being left on the streets to fend for themselves. This poor baby was close to death. Barely surviving by eating leaves – her body continued to break down. Her mange was so severe, she hardly had any fur left.
The workers at the slaughterhouse heard about the dog and rushed to the scene. They could tell she had given up. She accepted her terrible fate. The streets were now her home, and this is where she would starve or cold. It was beyond heartbreaking.
The rescuers picked her up and took her to the medical clinic. They called the sweet dog “Pumpkin.” Pumpkin was very depressed. She didn’t even look happy to be rescued. It seems that trauma has left its mark.
Would your new caregivers be able to save her body and soul?
Her medical evaluation revealed that Pumpkin had a severe form of mange that had left her skin badly infected. Her body temperature was so low that it didn’t even give a read on the thermometer. She really was close to death! The vet confirms she would not have survived even a day longer out there. Wow, what a miracle they got to her when they did!
Pumpkin was put on IV fluids, antibiotics and pain medication. They also administered warm saline through her IV to bring her body temp up.
But then Pumpkin goes in the total opposite direction and spikes a fever. The vet determines it’s the flu and she will recover, thank God!
After the Pumpkin Flu overcame her, the vet managed to remove her scaly dead skin.
She looked like a baby hippo! Her caregivers could tell she began to feel better. She ate more and even made an effort to stand. Next, Pumpkin needed surgery for her cherry eyes. And she did great!
Even the pumpkin hair started to grow! Your daily medicated baths worked very well! And then the rescuers got the best news! Road Dogs rescue group found a family for her in Los Angeles! Pumpkin would soon be in her new house forever!
Pumpkin’s new family lives near the beach and she loves to walk on the sand. They gave her a new name for a fresh start: Kennedy! Her mother says Kennedy always walks near her ankles to make sure she is never left behind. She also likes peanut butter!
Kennedy loves her new family. She likes to play and has a favorite ball that is her own. She still has a puppy brother!
Life could not get much better than this. The puppy who was moments from death is now living her best life – all because the rescuers refused to give up the wrinkled little warrior.

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