Rescue team rescues dying dog being devoured by worms

In the world there are people who can do everything for our lovely furry animals, beings who become true angels for the most vulnerable animals.
Animal Aid is undoubtedly one of the rescue groups that is always in action to help as many animals as possible. They firmly believe that all life is worthwhile and will do everything to save, even if the chances of life are slim to none.
Animal Aid rescues stray animals and gives them a second chance to live.
Recently, his rescue team found a dog that was curled up and in pain on the floor.
The dog had a wound so infected that the worms were literally eating it alive. Rescuers noticed that someone tried to help him because he had a white powder on the wound, but that person did not show up while performing basic first aid.
They offer sterilization and castration.
“We wanted to help him, but he didn’t even have the strength to get up.”
Finally, he understood that they were there to help him. Among some men, they caught him and took him to the Animal Aid sanctuary.
As soon as they arrived, they quickly treated the wound and gave him painkillers to try to soothe the pain and some sedatives to sleep in peace. The next day, the medical team removed all infected tissue, bandaged the most delicate areas and continued treatment.
Many of the rescued dogs need long-term care, like our protagonist’s.
Little by little, the dog was revealing its sweetness, began to accept some hugs from its rescuers and received all kinds of food. It was only a matter of days for that dying puppy to become a happy, smiling hairy. The rescuers were so surprised that they inevitably stole the hearts of the entire Animal Aid team.
A slow but safe recovery.
The puppy’s transformation was not only physical, it was also emotional, now he was still smiling and joking. The brave cub is so cute that he compares it to a teddy bear that he named him Teddy.
Your happiness catches everyone in the shelter.
It is only a matter of time to find a home forever, the good thing is that many people have been interested in offering a real home and filling the dog with unconditional love that has not given up.
Teddy is now happy and grateful.
Teddy showed us that although we think all is lost, there is always something to do. We just need the right help to move forward. Thanks to Animal Aid, Teddy and many other animals had a second chance.

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