Lonely Facebook/California Pets For Adoption Marlow howled at the front door. Leanne hushed him as she ran around the house, pick...

Sad Dog Stuck At Home Howls For Help Until Bus Comes With An Unbelievable Surprise Sad Dog Stuck At Home Howls For Help Until Bus Comes With An Unbelievable Surprise

Sad Dog Stuck At Home Howls For Help Until Bus Comes With An Unbelievable Surprise

Sad Dog Stuck At Home Howls For Help Until Bus Comes With An Unbelievable Surprise


    Facebook/California Pets For Adoption
    Marlow howled at the front door. Leanne hushed him as she ran around the house, picking up ripped pieces of newspaper he had managed to destroy while she was drying her hair. She ran to the trash can with fists of paper and stopped. Her sock was saturated “You were just outside, Marlow!” He pawed at the skirting board in the kitchen. She was tired. She thought puppies got easier as they got older. She was wrong. An engine roared outside. It was time to say goodbye.


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    Leanne had always wanted a puppy. Ever since she was a little girl, she envied those she passed on the streets. Her mother eventually forbade her from approaching strange dogs after she caught her feeding a stray hanging around McDonald’s when she was 7-years-old. As time went on, her desire didn’t diminish. And once she became of age, she only had one thing on her mind.


    Facebook/Labrador Retriever Lovers
    Leanne had a stable job and an impressive income. She wasn’t interested in starting a family but she wanted a companion. What was the point in working so hard when you had no one to come home to? Her home felt bare and empty. She woke up and fell asleep to silence. Then, one morning on her way to work, she found a lonely four-legged puppy.


    Facebook/Dog Lover Club
    Leanne immediately brought the tiny black labrador to her local vet. He was malnourished, weak, and was suffering from mange. Chances were, he had been abandoned. Her heart sank but she took it as a sign. There would never be an ideal time for her to adopt. She could lose her job tomorrow. There could be a zombie apocalypse next year. Fate brought them together, but loyalty would have to keep them together.


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    It took months of treatment, but Leanne eventually got Marlow to a healthy physical state. As he became stronger, the black labrador began to flourish. He loved his trips to the office, playing with Leanne’s co-workers to pass the day. But he soon became too big to hide in a cardboard box. Leanne began to leave him at home during work. It was then that he started to display some worrying signs.


    Facebook/Labrador Hub
    Leanne would return home to a destroyed house, with Marlow sitting happily in the center. Lamps were smashed, rugs were soiled, furniture was torn, floors were scratched. He began to bite, scratch, or chew anything he could get his hands on. Neighbors complained of his constant cries. Leanne was worried when she returned day after day to find the house destroyed, and his food and water untouched. It was time to visit the vet. But she never expected them to diagnose Marlow with this!


    YouTube/ CBC Nova Scotia
    The vet was quick to put two and two together. Marlow was used to constant company. Now, he was left alone for hours at a time. Marlow was diagnosed separation anxiety. He became distressed and agitated every single time Leanne left him alone. His cries, barks, and howls were just an attempt to prevent her from leaving every morning. And when she finally returned home, he would revert to his normal self. How was she going to care for him?


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    Finding a dogsitter was harder than Leanne had ever expected. She put up posters, shared Facebook statuses to every page, put her number up on billboards. No one wanted to be responsible for Marlow. She was exhausted. Marlow was still using their home as his own personal wreck room and he was getting worse with every passing day. She was running out of options.


    YouTube/CBC Nova Scotia
    Leanne read all the books, researched all the studies, watched all the videos she could find. Long walks, extra attention, safe environment, massage therapy—nothing worked. She returned to her vet, only to be offered medication for her pooch. Leanne refused. Who was she to force Marlow to medicate his fears? There seemed to be only one option left.


    YouTube/CBC Nova Scotia
    Leanne helped Marlow into a loose fitting jumper to protect him from the harsh winds, and then into a harness. She hated to say goodbye. He was her best friend, a constant in her life. But he was hard work, needy, messy, and she had run out of options. Maybe some time away would be good for them. Them, they heard the horn.


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    Leanne opened to the door. The crisp winter air blew through the house. Marlow was a fluffy dog, but not fluffy enough to avoid the Canadian frost. His paw sank into the fresh snow. She had just paved the driveway the night before. A yellow bus parked just outside their gate, filled with crates and boxed of canines of all shapes and sizes. Marlow froze. “It won’t be for long. Come on,” she gently tugged his leash and handed him over to the driver.


    YouTube/CBC Nova Scotia
    It took Leanne months to find a reliable sitter to watch Marlow for the day. He needed a large area to get exercise but somewhere warm to feel safe. Most importantly, he needed company. When she heard about “Good Hands Boarding Kennels,” it was as if all her prayers had been answered. She shouted encouragements to her boy as he was loaded onboard. But Marlow wasn’t a fan of confined, moving spaces.


    YouTube/CBC Nova Scotia
    The trip was short but tedious. The metal and plastic cages rattled against the bumps in the road. Marlow couldn’t stop the shaking. He lay down like the other pets, hoping the journey would end soon. The passengers sung like a choir. howling throughout the journey. They missed their people. Leanna always dreaded saying goodbye, but she knew it was best for the both of them.


    YouTube/CBC Nova Scotia
    Once the bus came to a halt, the driver unlatched each crate one by one. When he finally opened the back doors, a crowd of animals rushed towards the building. They were greeted by the team of volunteers and Rachel Haggett, all dog-lovers. They surrounded her like lions ready to pounce. No one would believe what was behind those four walls.

    Dream House

    YouTube/CBC Nova Scotia
    Trampolines, swings, toys, treats, balls, bones, and space to run galore! The “Good Hands Boarding Kennel” is one of the best kept secrets of Nova Scotia. “I hate the thoughts of them sitting at home all day bored or in a crate when they could be here playing,” Haggett shared. Not only do the team provide plenty of hugs and kisses, but each border provides extra company! Since joining, Marlow is finally beginning to relax. And Leanne has finally been able to keep her rugs clean!

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