They were looking for a lost cat, but found hundreds instead

In China, a group of animal advocates was on a mission to find a lost cat, which eventually led to an abandoned building where they found a horrific scenery, as there were a lot of animals, kept in captivity.
The people who kept the cats locked did not want to allow access to the building. However, and despite everything against them, they managed to get in. After entering, they found that everything was very dark, then lit the lanterns to find that the place was full of cages where hundreds of cats were locked.
People saw cages full of cats that could barely move
When they saw people, the cats began to growl very loudly, as if they were crying out for help and no matter how desperate they were, no one could move because every cage was full.
The moment they saw this, the defenders began to check each of the cages, noting that many of the cats still wore their identification collars. Also, very few cages had food, let alone water.
Most cats were treated in the worst way
This place turned out to be a slaughterhouse, so the first step taken by animal advocates at the Animal Protection Power (CAPP) organization was to denounce the place and the people in it, hoping to free the cats as soon as possible, them to continue living.
It was shocking the conditions in which the cats of the first cages were. Most of them were sick, due to the dehydration and malnutrition caused in the enclosure.
The terrible living conditions in which they lived caused illness to many of the kittens
Thanks to the strong support of the local police, the defenders were able to free the 375 cats that were locked, putting them safe from the danger in which they were. Unfortunately, China offers minimal legal protections for animals and, for that reason, it is very common to have such places across the country.
The number of cats they managed to be rescued was overwhelming
According to the information collected, approximately 4 million cats live in this situation in China. But thanks to the help of the group of defenders, many have been rescued in recent years.
Although in a lot of places in China the consumption of dog meat and cats is not allowed, since many people disagree with this practice, in provinces such as Yulin, people celebrate the dog meat festival annually, which is really breaking my heart.
Now they start recovering
With a little luck, these kittens will be able to return to their normal lives in the future.
Because many of the rescued cats were found sick and in difficult conditions due to being held in cages with little space, now they go into a rehabilitation process to fully recover their health.
Meanwhile, Animal Protection Power workers have started looking for homes where these cats receive the love and dedication they deserve.

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