This Cat Almost Died Shrink-Wrapped To A UPS Box Sent 500 Miles Away

    They say cats have nine lives, but we’re guessing that the cat we’re talking about today must have used at least eight in his epic four-day nightmare. It’s hard to imagine how Joey, a Siamese kitten, managed to survive being accidentally shrink-wrapped to a UPS box, but we’ll try to figure it out as we explain this crazy story. First, let’s meet Kirk.

    Kirk Williams Makes A Fateful Move

    Fox 13 Memphis
    Texas man Kirk Williams wanted to start a new life in Memphis, Tennessee. He would have to leave behind many things that were important to him, including his rescue pets. Kirk had owned rescue cats throughout his life. He was always a gentle, caring man. Once he got to Memphis and started looking for a new cat to adopt, he got news that was music to his ears.

    Ready For A Forever Home

    Fox 13 Memphis
    Once Kirk was in Memphis, he found a weeks-old kitten named Joey up for adoption. This kitten held particular meaning to Kirk as well. Joey looked just like one that he used to own — a blue-chip Siamese. He knew right away that he had to take the opportunity and bring the cat into his warm, loving home. It seemed like he’d made the right call.

    Challenge Accepted!

    Fox 13 Memphis
    But it would prove to be difficult. The Park Avenue Animal Hospital had a strict vetting process. There would be a long line of potential owners. And Kirk was new to the city. None of this stopped him from calling the hospital, though. He knew there was something special about Joey, but couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Turns out, the hospital had a very particular reason for being as careful as they were with Joey.

    Joey Had Almost Died

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    Joey’s breed is naturally curious and is the living example of that old cliche about what curiosity does to cats. Turns out, he’d snuck into a Chicago UPS packaging facility. A sudden machine sound frightened him — so much so that he jumped into a terrible trap. This was the last thing he would expect to happen to him, and almost the last thing that he would do — ever!

    Joey Didn’t Just Run Away — He Was Literally Driven Away!

    Fox 13 Memphis
    Joey got shrinkwrapped! Yes, he fell onto the belt and got stuck, legs spread flat against the box, for four days. He was delivered from Chicago to Memphis, well over 500 miles. Sure enough, the delivery driver heard meowing and had to think quickly. This driver knew just the perfect place to go to, of all the places in the world.

    Back Where We Started

    Fox 13 Memphis
    That’s how Joey wound up at the Park Avenue Animal Hospital. Thank goodness they were able to help him! He was on the verge of death: no food or water; weakened legs; and a bad plastic smell. Joey would not let anybody touch him, especially not for a bath. It took a while, but despite his trauma, Joey recovered from his injuries. Then there was the question of whether he could even be adopted in his mental state. That’s when a familiar face showed up…

    Fate Brought Them Together At Last!
    Kirk was the first in line for Joey. Thirty people waited at the hospital, yet Kirk managed to beat all of them there. It was such a beautiful moment when Kirk got to hold Joey for the first time. But it did not feel like the first time to Kirk. He knew that he had to do one more thing in order to make this official.

    A Loving Home, With Many Unknowns

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    Kirk renamed the kitten and brought him to a loving forever home. His new name? Mr. Shrink. Kirk thought that this new name suited the kitten’s background story much more than “Joey.” In Memphis, Kirk and Mr. Shrink live happily together. But there are still so many unanswered questions about Mr. Shrink and how he got himself into all of this…

    How Could This Have Happened?

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    Why was Mr. Shrink in a UPS packaging facility? Who let him that close to the packaging machines? How did nobody notice sooner? Should UPS be liable for this? Should they be fined, or punished? How could the people who were loading the shipment not have noticed that a kitten was shrinkwrapped against one of their boxes? But most importantly…

    This Cat Will Always Be Remembered

    Fox 13 Memphis
    … who the heck was Joey’s original owner and why didn’t they ever look for him? That question is quite easy to answer. It doesn’t matter! Fate, in its mysterious way, brought Joey to a new forever home in the most incredible, perfect way possible. It’s safe to say that Mr. Shrink will stay away from Amazon packages and the like whenever they show up on Kirk’s doorstep!

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