Young boy takes a nap in the backyard and wakes up with a kitten on his lap

Ali Safa was looking forward to a lazy good day. His only plans were to stay in his home in Canberra, Australia, and play video games.
He was sitting in the garden to enjoy some sun. But before he knew it, he was asleep.
When he woke up, he was not alone.
“I was taking a nap on the porch of our house and, about two hours later I woke up and found her just sleeping on her stomach,” Safa said. “At first I thought she was a mouse.”
A small white kitten was sprawled on Safa’s lap, purring contentedly. He looked at her pink ears and dirty paws and felt something soften in her heart.
“I’ve never had a pet and, I’m a little lonely so I don’t have many friends either,” Safa said. “While she slept, I kept hearing the sound cats made and it was the sweetest thing I ever heard.”
Safa had seen many cats wandering through his neighborhood-but that was different. It was as if the kitten had chosen him somehow.
Unbelieving, Safa took a quick selfie with the sleeping animal, being careful not to wake her.
“I didn’t really bother if she had fleas or anything like that because I thought to myself, ‘If she has fleas, I probably already have fleas too, so whatever,'” Safa said.
When the cat finally woke up, she wasted no time in making demands.
“The first thing she does is get off the couch, look into my eyes and start to tingle without stopping for 20 seconds,” Safa wrote on Reddit. “She’s obviously hungry, so guess who’s splitting the chicken wings my mother made?”
After the kitten ate its share, Safa led her to a bath. After 10 minutes, he realized that the gray spots on his fur were really marks and not dirt. The kitten was patient in the water and Safa began to fantasize about adopting her
“There really are no house rules against pets in my family.”
He came with the perfect name for her: Angel.
A visit to the veterinary clinic revealed that the kitten was healthy and without a microchip. Safa took her to the local supermarket, where he bought cat food and some toys.
It’s only been two weeks since then. But everything changed to Safa and Angel.
The kitty has a house of her own and Safa has a friend who will always be by his side.
“All I can say is she’s the funniest cat I’ve ever played with,” Safa said. “All she does is wander around me all day long wanting to play or affection.”
“I would be on my laptop working and she would just jump on my keyboard and sit in my arms,” added Safa. “Picking her up and putting her down would not help, because she would only jump back until she got the kind of affection she wanted.”

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