Abandoned Puppies Refuse To Be Separated After Being Rescued Together

It goes without saying that all animals deserve a home where they receive the love and care that they require. Sadly, many people neglect to provide for their pets even though they assumed that responsibility.
When these animals end up on the streets they develop a mentality that can go one of two ways: Either they are skittish and keep to themselves, or they form bonds with other animals and develop a pack mentality.
For two abandoned puppies who were recently found behind someone’s house in an alley, belonging to a pack is definitely important. So much so that once they found each other, they became practically inseparable…
A woman on Imgur recently heard a loud ruckus happening in the alley behind her home. When she went outside to see what it was, a large truck sped off…
The woman rushed to the alley and found two puppies had been left behind. One of them was inside of a dumpster, while the other had managed to climb out.
When the woman approached the pups, she was met by the very protective female puppy who wouldn’t let her anywhere near her brother inside of the dumpster.
She was eventually able to get them inside of her home and realized that both puppies appeared to be in good health. Since bringing them inside, she has decided to keep them. As for the pups, who are still unnamed, they have been practically inseparable, but appear to be thoroughly enjoying their new loving home.
What a scary time for those poor pups. Thank goodness this woman was able to offer them a safe and loving place to live.
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