Dog Dies After Playing Common Game With Owner – Now Family Wants To Warn Others Of Hidden Danger

Recently, Jen Walsh spent a day at the lake with her family. As always, her two-year-old Schnauzer, Hanz, went along with them. The family and the dog played together happily… Jen threw a stick or ball into the water while Hanz ran, picked it up and then brought it back.
Each time, Hanz was back ready for more, as a bundle of energy and joy.
After about an hour and a half, Hanz had entered and left the lake more than twenty times. He looked pleased, but no one could imagine the danger he was. Shortly after, Jen realized something was wrong with her dog.
The last time he came back from the lake, he didn’t get rid of the water like he used to. Shortly after, he fell to the floor, looking “worn out”.
With the dog’s condition worsening rapidly, the family decided to take him to the vet. During the trip he got even worse and when Jennifer arrived at the vet, the little Schnauzer eventually died. He suffered a water intoxication, also known as hyponatremia.
Tragically, it kills thousands of dogs every year. It may not be very common, but it is good to know what can happen and in what situations the risk is most extreme. The condition is caused by excessive intake of fluids, which causes the body to lose sodium.
As a result, the body’s cells begin to fill with water and swell. If the brain cells swell, this can affect the central nervous system, which can be fatal.
It is important to remember that dogs cann’t always determine when they need to stop drinking. This can occur when they are playing in the ocean, in a pool or drinking from a water hose. The first symptoms of water intoxication may be weakness, dizziness, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.
Symptoms of water intoxication may include:
Excessive licking
Loss of appetite
Swollen stomach
Widened pupils Glazed look
Smaller dogs, which have high energy and enjoy playing in the water, are at greater risk because they can absorb a lot of liquid in relation to body size.
It is always important, as an owner, to keep an eye on your dog if he loves to play in the water. If you suspect that your dog may be suffering from water poisoning, you should always contact a veterinarian directly.
The Walsh family did not know that Hanz was in danger and will surely regret what happened forever.
“It would never happen to us again, but I wish we had been warned of the possibility. It would have saved Hanz’s life, he was the best dog ever,” Jen wrote on her Facebook pageT

he Walsh family aims to save more dogs from this terrible fate. They want to do this by spreading Hanz’s story.
Share this important information with your friends and family!

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