Dog Is Taken To A Shelter To Help Adopt His New Kitten Brother

The phrase “like dogs and cats” to describe a very conflicted relationship has been around for a long time. But every day stories come to us of dogs worshiping their feline companions and vice versa, to the point of becoming inseparable.
The story of this dog named Raven is a good example of this. This dog has recently found her best friend and you will be surprised to know who chose her.
Christina, Raven’s mother, always wanted to have a dog and a cat to grow up together, like little brothers. Many doubted it was a good idea, but she was convinced it was not impossible.
Then Christina began to show unbelievers that she could have a couple in love at home. She took Raven to the animal shelter in Lubbock, Texas.
What Christina literally did was let Raven pick her favorite friend. It was important that the dog spontaneously liked any of the cats available at the shelter, because only then would she know that they would get along.
There were 4 kittens waiting for a nice house in the shelter. Raven went through each of the cages until she came to a spot of a tabby kitten named Woodhouse.
You could say it was almost love at first sight. Woodhouse began to play with Raven almost immediately and Christina, delighted, recognized their connection almost immediately.
That night, Woodhouse would not go back to sleep in a cage. He went home with his new family: a lovely mother and a little brother to play and nap every day. The kitten felt great in its new space. He was obviously happy.
Christina was surprised to see that from that moment on, Raven and Woodhouse did absolutely everything together. Eat, sleep, play…
There is not a time when you do not see the couple having fun, sharing their toys and their love.
Woodhouse doesn’t care that Raven is bigger than him, because he’s not afraid and always chases him around the house. In addition, his dense coat serves to take very hot naps very close to him.

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