Homeless Man Is Counting Coins To Buy A Meal When Teens Drop A Bag At His Table

One quiet evening, Ryan Cook and two of his friends decided to grab some dinner at a local Corpus, Christ, Texas Chick-fil-A restaurant. It wasn’t long before the three teenage boys noticed a homeless man sitting at a table nearby.
The man, Eddie was counting his change and finding it difficult to scrape together enough money for that evening’s meal. On the table, Eddie had a photo of Jesus and a worn Bible. According to the staff at Chick-fil-A, Eddie was a frequent patron of the restaurant. However, it was rare for him to ask for handouts unless it was for his beloved dog, Socks.
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Whenever he receives food, he gives Socks some first.
He’s frequently coming in seeking water to fill his dog’s bowl.However, on that particular night, events were about to take an unexpected turn for Eddie and his dog, Socks. The three teenage boys—Alberto, Joshua, and Ryan—decided to purchase Eddie some gift cards to the restaurant.
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However, they came to the decision that these cards weren’t enough for the man and his dog.
After finishing their meal and making the gift card purchase, the three boys headed to Dick’s Sporting Goods. The boys spent $50 on a winter hat, first-aid kit, three shirts, and a winter jacket. After the store learned what the boys were doing, Dick’s donated some display items and $20 toward their cause.
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As the boys walked back inside the restaurant, Ryan started recording on his cell phone.

Eddie was still sitting at the table counting his change. Everyone should see Eddie’s reaction recorded on Ryan’s video clip. Ryan wrote a social media post stating that they were trying to set an example for everyone else. The teen further noted that it’s important to be selfless and to do good for others.
In doing so, the world would become a better place for everyone. The teen stated that he wanted to make the social media post to inform others that they should do better and that he didn’t want to gain anything.

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