Little Dog Left To Die In Remote Field Can’t Hide Her Joy When A Rescuer Arrives

Texas resident Judy Obregon runs an animal rescue organization called The Abandoned Ones. Tired of seeing animals abandoned left and right, Judy decided to drive around the city’s most infamous “dumping ground” for deceased or abandoned animals in search of any she could rescue. One particular day, she pulled up to come face-to-face with a small, scared dog.
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As Judy approached her, the dog immediately cried; she was neglected and desperately hungry. She limped toward Judy and immediately put her face in Judy’s hands, seemingly eager for the touch of a friendly human.
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Judy noticed what appeared to be a shoestring or crude rope tied around the little dog’s neck; the other end was attached to the fence. Naming the pup Callie, Judy removed the rope and carefully coaxed her into her car.
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As they drove away, Judy watched as Callie looked longingly back at the spot where she’d been tied, as though she were saying goodbye to her old life. Then she turned around and gave Judy a big kiss! It seemed as if she was ready to start anew.
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Callie was taken to the veterinarian, who reported that she was in great health despite all she’d been through. Her initial limp had no serious implications, and her appetite was healthy. She was certainly glad to play with new toys!
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Now, Callie has her sparkle back. She was placed in a foster home by The Abandoned Ones, and one day soon she will have a forever home. Who wouldn’t want to care for such a cute and playful dog like Callie?
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The Abandoned Ones team works tirelessly to ensure that dogs who are abandoned don’t stay that way for long. Just a little bit of care in her foster home, and Callie was already showing signs of her personality.
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Callie’s story is so sad, but her smile in the end is full of hope. With friends like Judy and The Abandoned Ones, the abandoned dogs of Forth Worth are just a little bit safer than before.
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