Sick Kitten Is Rescued By The Perfect Family To Help Her Get Better

Imgur user Kerrbare, who lives in the U.S., recently took to the image sharing website to tell the story of a stray kitten that her mother and stepdad discovered while exiting a shopping mall in South Africa, where they live. It was clear that it desperately needed help…
The Imgur user noted that the kitten was suffering from severe eye and nose infections, which had seemingly sealed its eyes completely shut. “This poor baby was all clogged up from infections on her eyes and in her nose,” she wrote in the post.
The Imgur user’s parents knew that they had to do something to help the poor kitten before the infections became any worse. Luckily, it turned out that her stepdad — now an orthopedic surgeon — was formerly a veterinarian. 
Her stepdad quickly began to work on the poor kitten’s eyes and nose, as it was still practically unable to see or breathe. A family friend was able to provide them with emergency supplies that they could utilize to operate.
After a while, the Imgur user’s stepdad was able to remove all of the buildup from the kitten’s eyes and nose. While their work was far from over, they knew that the kitty needed rest, so they made her a makeshift bed.
Removing the gunk from her eyes was already proving to be helpful. To ensure the kitten’s safety, the Imgur user’s parents stayed by her side through the night. The next morning, she opened her eyes for the first time since they’d found her.
While the poor kitten spent much of the next couple days continuing to rest, she began to show signs that she was well on her way to recovery. As demonstrated in the picture below, she was able to muster the strength to stand on her own four paws!
While her fate was still uncertain, one thing was clear: it appeared as if the kitten was on the right track. After a couple more days, she began to resemble a perfectly healthy kitten. Their hard work appeared to be paying off.
“More nap time! So far, she’s pooped normally and kept her eyes open all day. My parents describe this experience like they have a newborn baby to take care of in the house… They’re not far from the truth!” Kerrbare wrote on Imgur.
After Kerrbare’s post began to garner attention on the Internet, she asked her mother to send an update on the kitten’s condition. In this video, her mother can be seen cleaning up the built up eye reside from her face…
The only issue was that the kitten seemed to have trouble when eating. “Currently, she still needs to be force-fed. Unfortunately, in her critical state, she’s not able to eat on her own at this time. On the bright side, she’s swallowing the food and retaining it at the moment!” Kerrbare wrote in another Imgur post.
A few days later, the kitten, whom they decided to name Edee, appeared to be making serious improvements.  “After just 3 days of close monitoring, constant hydration and food, this little one is doing so much better! She’s already playing with toys (hopefully means her eye sight is okay), and is starting to eat and drink on her own,” Kerrbare wrote.
“She also was finally able to withstand taking a proper bath (she was just too weak before). There were some fleas, but they’re being taken care of surprisingly easily,” she continued.
Now, the Imgur user’s parents expect Edee to make a full recovery. Thanks, in part, to not only their hard work, but the positive energy from people around the world who showed support when she was seriously ill.
Her parents are truly heroes. They nursed Edee back to health and now she’s doing great!
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