Three would-be muggers take their chance on a frail old lady. Little do they know, she has different plans for the encounter. All T...

3 Men Block Grandma At ATM, Find Out They Messed With The Wrong Granny 3 Men Block Grandma At ATM, Find Out They Messed With The Wrong Granny

3 Men Block Grandma At ATM, Find Out They Messed With The Wrong Granny

3 Men Block Grandma At ATM, Find Out They Messed With The Wrong Granny

    Three would-be muggers take their chance on a frail old lady. Little do they know, she has different plans for the encounter.

    All Too Often

    Mirror/ Andy Kelvin
    Some people really ​do have low morals. All too often we hear about people preying on the weak or the elderly. But you should never judge a book its cover. Winifred was about to do her shopping one day when she felt three figures shadowing her from behind. Little did these three hooligans know, they were messing with the wrong woman.

    British Town

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    British grandmother, Winifred Peel, looks​ like any older lady. At 77 years old, she lives a tranquil life near Liverpool. Happily retired and never in a hurry, that was how she liked to look at life. She was an active woman, but still, her age came with limitations. But one day, these limitations didn’t hold her back.

    Favorite Café

    Facebook/ Sprotbrough Tea Room
    Winny left the house one day. She had grown up in the neighborhood, so she knew everything exceptionally well. The weather was cold, like typical England weather. She bundled up and started walking through the town. On days like these, cold and rainy, she would usually love to walk up to her favorite café and enjoy a hot tea and something sweet too. As she kept to herself and walked through her local shops, something caught her eye. Right in front of the local bank, three men seemed​ to be arguing. She didn’t give it much thought and continued her day.

    Active Pace

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    ​Winny had always been an active person. She knew her way around handiwork as she would still help her father around the house – building, repairing, anything. As she grew older, she enjoyed such an active pace. If the three men had known a little bit about Winny, they would have thought twice about their actions.

    No Cash

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    As she walked around town minding her own business, she remembered she had to buy a gift for one of her friends’ daughters. It was her birthday soon, and she thought of her as a daughter herself. She wanted to get something special, as she browsed the store, she found a couple of items that would look great on her. Happy with the ite​ms she went up to the register so they could ring her up. But as soon as they told her the amount, she gasped. She didn’t have enough cash on her! She hurried to the nearest ATM, little did she know, the three men were waiting for her.

    Through Town

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    The town she lived in was pretty small. There was a couple of banks, but still, she would have to walk a long time to get to the closest one. Spry for her age, she walked briskly and even enjoyed the active pace. But then, as she kept on moving,​ she noticed how she was beginning to be out of breath. She stopped to get some air and pushed the thought aside. With age came limitations, but this was no excuse for Winny.


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    She could see the bank getting closer, so she reached into her handbag and got her purse ready. Once she got to the ATM, she was breathless and needed to collect herself. A woman queued behind her and Winny noticed. “You go ahead, dear,” Winny said, “I’ll be a minute.”​ Thanking her, the woman went ahead. Winny was still too busy collecting her credit cards to notice the deep, hushed voices that seemed to be creeping up.


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    With age, you get to​ learn a lot about life. Winny always had a motto she lived by: “Give kindness, receive kindness back.” This kind of thinking is how she spent her days, with a loving heart and a warm smile. She never mistrusted people as she never really knew them enough to do so. There she was, in front of the ATM putting her card in. She noticed a dark figure reflected on the machine’s dark screen. Still, she was not alarmed. She entered her PIN and hit “Continue.” But then, out of the blue, her vision blurred, and she fell to the ground.

    No Time

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    Someone had forced her on the ground, but it all happened so quick that she couldn’t get her bearings. Then, she heard the shuffling feet, ​and her adrenaline kicked in. “You’re not taking my money, young man,” she thought to herself. Anger consumed her and immediately, she was back on her feet. But as soon as she did, the thieves didn’t have time to react. Winny was going to fight back.

    Fighting Spirit

    Kelvin Media/ Andy Kelvin
    As she looked at the men who were doing this, it dawned on her. It was the three men she had seen outside the bank who were arguing with each other. They must have been planning the whole attack, but what they hadn’t foreseen​ was that Winny just wasn’t the right target. Winny lunged to the closest thief in her path, she grabbed his head, and with all the strength she could muster used her full weight to bang him against the wall. The thieves were so shocked by this woman’s virtue that they instantly panicked and sprinted down the road.


    Flickr/Despite straight lines
    Winny was full of adrenaline. She defended herself as she saw fit, but then the gravity of the situation hit her. “It was only afterwards that I realized what I’d done and started shaking,” she said, “what if he’d had a knife? I might not be here today.” Still, she needed to find these men. They couldn’t go around in life hassling elderly people. Luckily, the whole situation was far from over.

    Catching The Thieves

    Liverpool Echo
    With all the commotion people gathered around Winny to see if she was ok. She was distressed and looked shocked. Still, she couldn’t think of anything but catching the hooligans. She insisted they leave her be and ran behind them. One person stayed with Winny, but the two other hurried away hoping to find the men who had done this.

    Adrenaline Strength

    Liverpool Echo
    Sadly, the attackers were nowhere to be seen. The good Samaritans who had chased after the thieves lost them moments later. They had lost sign of them, but little did the know the police was right on their trail. In her instant adrenaline rush, Winny had caused quite a lot of damage. The attack marked the wall and floor of the ATM; she apparently​ had mustered a lot more strength than she ever thought she had.

    Fit Since Young

    Kelvin Media/ Andy Kelvin
    Since she could remember, she had always enjoyed exercise. But then, when she grew up she became an active member of her local gym. She would do her workouts four times a week, but as she became elderly, her workouts were not as intense. On the day of the attack, she felt like all those years made her fighting fit to defend herself. Still, she needed to ensure that these men would be brought to justice.


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    The police caught up with the offenders. One of them had a significant wound on his head which had been the one Winny had bashed into the ATM. The other two were also caught, one loitering up the road. The police rounded them all up and took them to the station; justice​ was just about to be served.

    Cast A Shadow

    Flickr/ Chris Wilson
    This senior woman might look frail, but her inner strength prevailed on that day. Looking back, Winny is still shaken by the incident. She thinks that if she had been less fit, who knows what would have happened to her. When the three men were arrested, they confessed to the attack and the case was quickly brought to court. Each of them was sentenced to prison, and the judge accused them of “casting a shadow” over Winny’s twilight years. Still, Winny was happy that the incident occurred with her and not with someone who could not have defended themselves as​ she did.

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