Awesome - Couple Adopts Adorable Kitten That Turns Out To Be A Ferocious Beast

20. Meet The Couple
These two are Mariya and Aleksandr Dmitriev. They recently got married and moved in together. The next step is to start a family but first, the couple decided to test the waters and they adopted a cute cat.

19. Unusual Kitten
This is the cat that Mariya and Aleksandr adopted. As we can see in the picture, it doesn't look like a normal cat. The reason behind this is that this is not a cat all!

18. The Puma
The small pet that the couple adopted is a puma. Yes, you read that right. Mariya and Aleksandr decided to adopt a puma and they named him Messi.

17. Playful Puma
The couple knew that they wanted to adopt something special and they decided to go with a puma. This is one of the world's fiercest predators and the couple is now sharing the bed with him.

16. The Saransk Zoo
Mariya and Aleksandr visited the Saransk Zoo and that is where they spotted the beautiful puma baby. However, the little puma was not feeling well and it suffered from a serious disease which made it impossible for the rescuers to release the animal in the wild.

15. Adopting The Puma
The couple talked with the staff at the Saransk Zoo and made a deal with them to adopt the puma. Mariya and Aleksandr had to sign a contract in which they guaranteed that the puma was going to receive all the medical care he needs in order to feel better.

14. Heavy Cat
Raising the puma was no easy task and Mariya and Aleksandr had to spend lots of time and money in order to provide Messi with a healthy life. The puma is now weighing in at 80lbs!

13. Healthy Diet
Messi's diet consists mainly of meat and the couple needs to spend lots of money on weekly groceries. However, it's all worth it for them because they are in love with Messi.

12. Their Own Kid
Mariya and Aleksandr wanted to test the waters and see if they are ready to become parents. After seeing how they treat Messi as if he was their own kid, we think it's more than safe to say that they are going to be great parents.

11. Furniture Damages
One of the biggest issues of having a puma as a house pet is that the furniture is always scratched. However, the couple got used to this and they have the furniture repairman on speed dial.

10. Training School
One of the coolest things about Messi is that Mariya and Aleksandr have taken him to a special training school. The puma has been trained special commands alongside guard dogs.

9. Smart Puma
According to the couple, Messi has learned a total of ten commands like sit and guard for example. Messi is a smart puma and there is no doubt about that.

8. Sharing The Bed
The craziest thing about seeing Mariya and Aleksandr with their puma is that they treat him like a kid. They seem to forget that pumas are wild cats that you never want to meet in the wild.

7. The Puma is Zen
According to Mariya, Messi is not aggressive at all. In fact, she considers him as a zen pet because he never starts any trouble with other pets, even with the dogs which are growling.

6. Great Life
Mariya and Aleksandr are providing Messi with a greater life than the zoo ever could. We have to give them praise for saving the sick animal and for helping him get better.

5. The Training Process
Messi is not the only one who received special training. The couple also had to do a series of interviews before the zoo agreed to give them Messi so that they could raise him in their home.

4. Mariya Speaks Out
"We had three days of thinking hard about whether it was moral to keep such an exotic pet, and whether it was common sense to have one. But nothing could fight our sudden wish,” Mariya, 28, told the Mirror. “So we went to the zoo and started negotiations to buy Messi. We were surprised ourselves when they agreed.”

3. Famous Puma
Another cool thing about Messi is that just like the person he is named after, the puma is famous on the internet. Can you guess how many followers the puma's Instagram account has?

2. One Million Followers
Messi is followed by more than one million people on Instagram. Now, that is impressive!

1. Happy Life
We are glad to let everyone know that our story has a happy ending. Messi is living a great life alongside the couple that adopted him and we are wishing them all the good luck in the world because they will need it if Messi ever meets another puma and has babies.

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