Cat Ignores Newborn For Months Then Sneaks Into Crib Late At Night When He Thinks No One’s Watching

Many people erroneously believe that cats and babies don’t get along, or even that cats can harm babies. However, studies have shown that this is not true and there is nothing wrong with having babies and kitties at home at the same time.
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Of course, there needs to be some smooth introduction of the newborn to the family cat, and your feline buddy experiencing stress or being uninterested at first are perfectly normal reactions to the new situation.
So, supposed you brought your newborn home and your family cat was completely uninterested in them, would you consider this a sign that they will never be friends? If you would, you’d probably be wrong. Like in the case of Sunny the cat and Hazel, the newborn.
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When Hazel came into the world, her parents had already been living with Sunny for five years. They first met him when he lived at an animal shelter, and at the time he was 8 years old. He quickly got used to his new life with the Richardson family and it was quite a shock for him when he got to meet his new human sister, Hazel.

At first, Sunny was completely unimpressed. Although his innate curiosity led him to smell Hazel’s carrier when she was first brought home, he didn’t care much so right after the inspection, he left and went to eat his dinner.

Source: Shannon Richardson
For months after Hazel’s birth, Sunny kept not paying attention to her, as if she was not there. Shannon and her husband were quite worried about this turn of events and were wondering if he would ever get to like their daughter, which, at the time, seemed unlikely. All that until the day they saw the most unexpected thing when looking at the baby monitor.

So one night, after everyone had gone to bed for some time, Sunny snuck into Hazel’s room and jumped into her crib. He curled up next to her and fell asleep by his little sister. The parents didn’t realize what was going on until much later, when they noticed Sunny hadn’t gone back to bed with them.

Source: Shannon Richardson
“I was super surprised to see him in the crib. There is not an easy way up without jumping pretty far and he doesn’t really like jumping. He stayed there for four hours before my husband realized he didn’t sneak back into bed with us!”
Apparently, Sunny went above and beyond to sleep at his sister’s side, since, as Shannon explained, he doesn’t enjoy jumping! And that is quite something!

After that, Sunny let his guard down and showed everyone how much he cares about his little sister. He follows her everywhere, sleeps close to her and snuggles with her whenever he gets the chance.

Source: Shannon Richardson
“He actually jumped in her crib this morning when she was crying and nuzzled against her,” Richardson said. “She has not exactly gotten the hang of petting, so she grabbed him and he just stayed there. He is such a good boy.”
Shannon and her husband are really happy with how things turned out and they are really proud of Sunny, who is such a good boy and such a caring big brother.

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