Louise Sutherland was in for a big surprise when her beloved dog Rio gave birth. This was the second time Rio was giving birth. Just like the previous one this one too was expected to be a normal delivery. However, it came with some complications but that did not cause any harm. The real twist came when Louise and her daughter saw the newborns. Whereas all the eight pups looked extremely normal there was one that did not look ordinary at all. They could not figure out what she had given birth to. So they looked up for this on the internet but what they found was breathtaking.
The dog on which this fascinating story is based gave birth to a litter in July 2017. The process of birth-giving was supervised by Scotland’s Louise Sutherland. She had seen many deliveries before but this one was really going to strike her hard. 
A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!
Louise Sutherland belongs to Golspie of Scottish Highlands. It is a small village located on the North Sea coast sheltered by Ben Bhraggie. Around 1,350 people live there. It’s a beautiful village with some really breathtaking sights. However, this time the town was not going to get famous for its amazing sights but for very odd news. 

Undoubtedly, the news of the pregnancy of her pet dog triggered some big changes in her life. It is only because of the affection she held for dogs that the woman had several dogs. Louise who was also a wife and a mother would always find pets around her.  

The dogs and human have been sharing a good friendship since the beginning of time. We have heard many stories on their friendships and also there are plenty of blockbuster movies and tv shows based on that. Louise and her family loved to have dogs in their house.
A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!You will see plenty of dogs and cats roaming in her house. No need to say that the woman had witnessed all kind of odd and cute behavior of animals. But all those feeling were entirely different from the one she felt when her golden Labrador gave birth to a litter of puppies. This felt different.      

A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!
As mentioned earlier, Louise has a number of dogs staying with her but she liked her golden retriever the most. However, little did they know that her retriever was soon going to give her a surprise of the lifetime. Her retriever was only 3 years old at that time.    

Rio was a cool-tempered dog. She was very friendly and love to spend her time in the backyard. The pooch had gone a bit lazy since her pregnancy and preferred spending most of her time resting in her sleeping place.
A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!
This was not the first time, Rio was pregnant. She had given birth to her first litter of puppies a year back. Lousie thought the same was going to happen this time too. There were no complications during the pregnancy either.
The retriever had all her puppies healthy earlier. So she assumed that this time also everything will happen smoothly. But was it really going to be that way? Of course not! If everything was going to happen that ordinarily, I would not have been writing this story nor would yo be reading it. Make sense?

Her first delivery spanned for five hours. And in the first time, she birthed five puppies. However, they did not keep them with themselves as it would have become impossible to look after all of them and gave them all the care that they needed. So hat were they going to do? 

They decided to sell them off to people who loved petting dogs and would be able to give them all the attention they need. It might sound harsh to some people but that was the only way out as the family lacked enough resources to raise all of them.   

It was not easy for them to send those puppies away. But it was important for those tiny cute creatures to have all the attention and care they required at such a delicate stage of their lives. This time too they were going to do the same thing. However, this time they were going to see a big change. 
A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!As Louise had an experience of looking after the puppies, she thought looking after the coming newborns baby would be smooth. So she bought in all the items necessary. She had made all the preparation for the coming delivery.

They had given Rio a big room where she could deliver the babies comfortably. Moreover, all the other animals were kept away from her. She needed some peace and rest at that time. The day was approaching. Sutherlands thought they were all prepared for the future. Little did they know…

They were going to keep the puppies until they grow mature enough to be sent to their new house. But soon she was going to realize that one of those newborns was going to turn their life upside down. It was extraordinary.    
A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!
Rio finally gave birth to her babies in early July 2017. Rio and her babies were safe and healthy. She had given birth to nine cute babies. Rio was clearly very happy and so was Louise. But their happiness did not last long. Soon they were going to witness something. 
A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!
However, their smile faded when they saw one of the puppies that looked completely odd. This one particular pup did not look anything like the rest of the pups. They looked at each other hoping one could provide with some logical reason but both of them were in total disbelief.       

One thing to note here is that even though there were no complications in her pregnancy period, something unexpected happened during the time of delivery. Louise and Claire both were there at the time Rio gave birth to the babies. 

Claire too just like her mom loves dogs. She likes to look after them and often helps her mother in their cleaning and feeding. However, she had never seen a dog giving birth so this was going to be her first time.
A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!They stood there with no intention of making any intervention. They just wanted to witness the magical moment and make sure that their dog survives the process without any problems. It was good that they were with Rio as the duo soon sensed that something was wrong. They had to do something quickly as Rio looked very much in pain.     
A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!
Louise and Claire were standing at the sidelines whereas Rio was lying on the floor giving birth. Louise had seen Rio giving birth before so it did not take her much time to realize that the labor was not going the way it should have. Rio was screaming in pain and when they stepped towards her to have a closer look they realized a puppy had got stuck.   

The puppy’s head was stretched out whereas the body was stuck in. Rio too seemed extremely distracted. And now the responsibility was going to be on Louise and Claire to do something. They had only two options. They could be a fence sitter waiting for Rio to push through or they could give her a hand of help. Seeing her in so much pain, they decided to help her.    

Louise remembers that when they realized that their pet dog is facing an obstacle, they went for “all hands on deck.” They immediately wore their gloves and came near to the dog.  

They pulled the first puppy out of her. Had they not helped her in time, Rio would have died. Luckily after the first puppy was taken out all the other eight came out without any complications. Louise reminisces, “The first pup was stuck, so myself and my daughter Claire managed to free him and pull him out safely.”

All the puppies were safe and healthy except for the one that passed away just an hour after the delivery. Lousie was glad that she could help voiceless Rio. However, when Lousie saw the babies, her eyes got fixated on a pup that looked extremely different.       

Lousie had seen Rio giving birth before and that was not even a long time ago. But this time too she felt as surprised as she did the first time. With that, she also realized how powerful their Rio was. The dog did not get scared for once. 
After giving the birth, the golden retriever pulled her babies to her side. Among the litter, there was one puppy that stood out. It was no golden in color it was green. It was born green that is quite strange. Louise explained, “As the puppies started to arrive, we noticed that one of the puppies had green fur. We couldn’t believe it.” 

Golden Labrador puppies have fur of bright gold. Their golden color works for one to identify them. The color makes it easy to recognize them. However, this mint green colored golden retriever had put both mother and daughter in disbelief. 
A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!Well whereas the sight fascinated them, they also feared if there was something wrong. They had never heard of a golden retriever giving birth to a green pup. What struck them the most was that all the other puppies had the normal color except for this one. Why? 
A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!
They suspected that perhaps, the pup was ill. It needed urgent medical assistance. If it was a disease which one could it be? Whatever the case was, it was really terrifying. So, before going to the vet, they decided to check on the internet and see if they could find anything. 
Their step to browse the internet was absolutely right as they learned exactly why the color of the pup was green. First of all, they took a sigh of relief as they learned that the infant was not at any risk. What more, they found out that the pup who just had taken birth inside their house was a rare one.     
The duo had never imagined that the pup they were initially concerned about was a rare pooch that was going to be called a mystery in history. Naturally, both the mother and daughter rejoiced after learning this amazing fact about the pup.
A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!
What they found on the internet was that the green pup that took birth in their house belonged to a group of rare puppies that were born with the same color all around the world. Unsurprisingly only a handful of pups have been born with the same color.“When we checked it out later we found out it is very unusual and to do with the placenta,” explained Louise.  

You may hold some health condition responsible for the phenomena but that is not the case. There is a scientific reason behind that. Well, what it could be that changes the color of the newborn altogether. Here is the explanation……
If you are fond of dogs and are well aware of their anatomy, you might also be knowing about Biliverdin. It happens to be a green bile pigment located in a dog’s womb. Nobody is sure what is the function of this bile pigment. However, it is found in the womb of every female dog. Maybe they remain in the womb to provide puppies with food and every other nutrient during pregnancy.     
A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!
It may surprise you to know that this pigment is also found in humans. It is because of this pigment only that sometimes our bruises turn yellow and green in color. As they say, excess of everything is hazardous, likewise surplus of bile can give way to jaundice in one’s blood, body tissue, and circulatory system.    

The incidence of Bilverdine is rarely found among puppies. It stays inside the bloodstream throughout life but manages to keep itself away from one’s notice. It happens very rarely when the Biliverdin joins in the amniotic fluid of the womb. That must have happened with Rio’s pup.       

A resident at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Victor Stora described, “The placenta has an enormous blood supply and there is a lot of blood that moves through the placenta,” Stora told petMD.
He further stated, “Blood which escapes the main placenta is broken down in the uterus to biliverdin, which, if this pigment invades into the amnionic sac that surrounds the puppy, would dye the hairs on the fetus green. Therefore, the placentation of this puppy must have been abnormal if it did not repel the biliverdin and allowed it to invade in.”

“Most often, defects in the placenta cause the puppy to die because this is the only way for it to receive nutrients and oxygen.” “One could understand that if there is a defect in the placenta, it would be odd that only biliverdin would leak in and no other molecules. This puppy is pretty lucky that the defect which allowed the entry of biliverdin did not cause any other potentially toxic substances to come through.”
A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!
Except for staining the fur, Biliverdin does nothing else to the body. There is no danger involved. Moreover, the color remains for a short while. It keeps fainting with weeks thanks to the constant growth of fur and the licking by mother. Eventually, the pup would look just like its other siblings.   
A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!
Even though the pup was not going to retain its green color for life, Louise and  Claire knew it was special. It is not always you see a golden retriever giving birth to a green pup. This was once in a lifetime kind of sight. So they decided to give a special name to the special pup that will go with its appearance.  
A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!
The name should be reflecting its green color so it should be something related to nature. They drew inspiration from The Scottish Highlands, which was famous for its shrubbery, greenery, forests, and hills. So, they decided to name the pup “Forest.”

Now as they had named the pooch it was time for the next step. As decided in the beginning they had to let go of them. No need to say they all had grown very fond of all the pups in the litter. It was really going to be a tough situation.    

With time the color faded. Louise said, “the color has faded quite a bit already and will be gone soon, I’m told.” But that does not diminish its importance.
A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!
Louise was fond of all the nine puppies but keeping all of them in the house was not possible. That would strain them financially.  Moreover, they did not have enough space to keep them. Though unwillingly, they decided to do what they had done with the prior litter of Rio. But this time they were going to make an exception. 

They sold them off except for Forest. They just felt that this pup was meant to stay with them. The green pup continued to grow in the shelter and turned out to be a playful golden retriever. 

This phenomenon has occurred only four times before Forest. In 2014, the birth of two green pups was reported. And then the other case was reported in the UK where a chocolate labrador gave birth to a green puppy.

Forest is being given lots of love and care. It has also become very friendly with the kids and olds of the family. Just like the mother, Forest too likes to play outside and make new friends.
A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!
So, if you ever come across a green pup it could be a rare one. Do not forget to tell us either. This story is not only interesting but enlightening too.

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