Man Rescues Skeletal Husky On The Verge Of Death — His Love Helps Her Completely Transform

Sadly, not everyone who ends up owning a dog takes care of them the way they should. Some animals are neglected, some abused, and some abandoned. For people who activate for the safety of dogs, all the stories that flood the internet are beyond disheartening.
But along with bad people are a lot of good ones. These include individuals who take the time and effort to help a dog in need. That’s the case of one man who rescued a Husky. This poor thing was so emaciated, she was near death. But with his love and determination, this story has a happy ending.

Loyal to a fault

The Husky is a big and beautiful breed that’s intensely loyal to its owner. So, seeing one that’s been horribly abused is downright sickening. Unfortunately, an overpopulation of this type of dog, among many others, has become a problem around the world, including Bali. There, the problem is so bad, authorities don’t know what to do to make it better.
Source: Wikipedia

Volunteers are making a difference

The good news — volunteers in Bali are stepping up to the plate to help. A group of people share one goal, giving lost dogs a new start in life. An individual by the name of Rico Soegiart is one of those volunteers. While heading home from work one day in Denpasar, he came upon something he’ll never forget.
Source: Friends of the Animal Village

Was she even alive?

There on the street was a dog. But this dog was in horrific shape. She was so skinny that the bones of her body were sticking out. This pup was in such bad condition that at first, Soegiart didn’t even know if she was alive. She was…just barely.
Source: Facebook/Ria Myburgh

She wanted help

As Soegiart looked into this dog’s eyes, he could see that she desperately wanted help. And he was the right person to give it to her. For the next 10 months, he took care of her, giving her proper food, water, grooming, and lots of love. At the end of that time, the transformation was truly amazing.
Source: Facebook/Ria Myburgh

He wasn’t even sure of her breed

When 26-year-old Soegiart found this dog, he couldn’t tell for sure what breed she was. After all, what hair she had left was dirty. In spite of her deplorable condition, he focused on helping her get better. Day in and day out, he provided her with everything she needed. Those gorgeous blue eyes called to him and he answered.
Source: Facebook/Ria Myburgh

She began to recover

This dog’s transformation took time but slowly, she began to put on weight. Even her hair started to grow back. Soegiart spent money out of his pocket to have her checked several times by a veterinarian. That added to what he was already doing is what made all the difference in this sweet dog’s life.
Source: Facebook/Ria Myburgh

She’s a Husky and he named her Hope

The other thing that happened — as this pup recovered, Soegiart could finally determine her breed — she was a Husky. And as each month passed, she became bigger and more beautiful. Even better…her personality emerged. This dog was sweet, loyal, and so thankful that someone stepped up to help her.
Source: Facebook/Ria Myburgh
If you compare the photos of Hope before and after her rescue, you’d never know they were the same dogs. There wasn’t any reason for Soegiart to find Hope a new home…she already had one…with him. As this volunteer stated, “She loves getting petted and eats plenty of cookies.” And yes, true to her breed, she talks.

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