Roaming ‘werewolf’ frightens everyone away, then stranger steps in and saves it from the streets

A scary looking creature was prowling a California orchard looking for any scrabs it could find, and the passersby couldn’t tell what exactly was this creature.
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Facebook/Bowe’s Adoptable Rescue Pups
The skeletal animal was limping while it walked was hunched over with patches of fur missing and then a huge black fluffy mane around its head and neck was reminiscent of a werewolf!
It was no surprise that nobody dared to approach it.
The skin peeking through its patchy fur the animals tail was pointy and shriveled like something you see in a horror movie.
Facebook/Bowe’s Adoptable Rescue Pups
Then one day when a woman was passing by the orchard she was so shocked by what she saw she took a picture and posted it on Facebook asking for help.
Megan Bowe, the local dog rescuer and animal lover, founder of Bowe’s Adoptable Rescue Pups, saw the post and went out to find the poor creature immediately.
“I was about ready to cry when I saw how bad off he was. He was really on his last legs. He was depressed and could barely even stand up,” she told The Dodo.
Facebook/Bowe’s Adoptable Rescue Pups
The creature that scared everyone off, was no beast or monster but was a poor German shepherd close to death.
Megan found him and named him King.
She brought the dog in her car and headed straight to the vets, it was surprising how easy going he was after all he went through, he must have felt the woman was there to help him.
After the check up the vet found out poor dog had a broken tail and a broken pelvis.
At first he looked old but in fact he was only 12 months old.
Facebook/Bowe’s Adoptable Rescue Pups
“My vet thinks he got hit by a car, and that would explain how his tail was so messed up, too,” Megan explained. “That injury happened months ago, because by the time I got him it had already started to heal incorrectly. And with such a damaged pelvis, he wasn’t able to get around very far on his own to look for food so he was extremely skinny and dehydrated.”
The dog was suffering from Mange too so the woman had to quarantine him in order to not infect her other stray rescues.
Before they could deal with his broken bones he first needed to get physically stronger for surgery so was put on a special diet.
The brave dog has managed to stay calm through the ordeal, and has only given love to those that saved him.
“He’s a super loving dog. If I sit down, he has his face right next to mine and leans in as if he’s giving me a hug. He has been so calm and relaxed through everything,” says Megan.
It took almost six weeks of nonstop medicine, feedings and dedicated care around the clock before the dog’s skin condition improved and he was ready for surgery on his hip and tail.
“While King isn’t out of the woods just yet, he is already doing so much better – and already looks entirely different from the ‘scary’ creature people thought he was.”
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The sweet pooch now is having some happy moments at the shelter in Madera, California and Megan works hard for him to get healed and find his forever home.
“He is happier than ever now. It’s hard to think that all those cars passed him by and never stopped. No one wanted to bring him home or help him because he looked so bad … But all it took was one person.”

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  1. A werewolf, really, they're the things of horror movies not reality & if they thought that then it should only be out on a full moon not daylight. Think people; I knew he was a german shepherd as soon as I saw his picture. If you're not sure call a rescue please don't let him suffer & die like that. BE HUMAN(E)


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