The Rescue Team Found Out A Wonderful Fact About This Dog When They Rescued Him From A Pack Of Dangerous Coyotes!

This story is extraordinary in every sense. It is about a dog who shares an amazing friendship with a pack of coyotes. Yes, you read it right! It is a kind of friendship that amazes everyone who sees them. When a woman notices this dog surrounded by his unique friends she decides to get him out of it only to take him to a more secure environment and from there on begins the thrilling process of rescuing him. Throughout the process, the rescue team continues to learn surprising facts about the dog that makes them question if they would ever be able to separate him from his friends. And once they were done with the process they got confronted with the most baffling truth about the dog.

Sarah Nace, a worker of Lost Pets of Hudson Valley witnessed something very extraordinary while walking on the road. She spotted a stray dog racing on the hills of Kingston, New York. On seeing the dog she began to worry about it, she knew that she needed to rescue him at any cost.  Now, you must be wondering what is so extraordinary about seeing a dog running around? Well, the answer is far more astonishing then you can imagine.

Stray dogs in Kingston are a common sight. Unfortunately, the population of stray dogs is increasing day by day and unfortunately, their population has risen to a level that it has started posing challenges for the government. What is more saddening is the fact that despite having so many rescue organizations, a large fraction of homeless pooches continue to suffer. And this dog was one of them, in fact, this dog was in a very bad condition.

The dog was in an abysmal condition! It was evident from his appearance that he was not getting enough food to survive. He had wounds on many of his body parts and all of them were yet to be healed. But what was worse than all of this was yet to be registered by Nace’s eye.

After few seconds, the dog was followed by a pack of coyotes. Now, this was the sight that blew Nace’s mind completely. Before the arrival of coyotes, Nace was worried about doggo’s health but now after perceiving the presence of so many coyotes, she began to worry about the dog’s life. She knew she had to do something immediately.

Coyotes are found in North America and share a great resemblance with dogs. The appearance of both the species is so similar that sometimes coyotes are mistaken for dogs. However, along with their similarities to dogs, coyotes have physical traits of wolves too. If you are a dog owner you might know that having coyotes around your pet is not a good thing.

Nace knew that she alone was unable to help the dog as here rescuing the dog would mean fighting coyotes. And as we all know, no one would ever want to mess with coyotes especially if one is alone and defenseless, that was the case here. She needed to call for help. But before she could reach out for help, there was one more surprise that unwrapped before her. Now this one took the cake!

It did not take her much time to figure out that the pooch was a member of the pack. This fact came as a shock for Nace as she had always heard that coyotes and dogs are not good companions, in fact, dogs should be kept away from coyotes. The sight she was seeing was flying in the face of the age-old belief that asserted on the dog and coyote enmity. But whatever the case was, she still needed to help dogs.

Nace decided to take her to the nearest local dog shelter Buddha Dog Rescue in the loop. She called the shelter and got answered by the founder of organization Nicole Asher. When Nace told Nicole about the peculiar friendship she just witnessed, it baffled the founder also. Thereafter the two came up with a plan to find that particular dog in the wild and rescue him.     

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