This One-eyed Kitten Was Barely Alive When They Found Him, But Look At Him Now

Unfortunately, there are thousands of stories about people who abandon their pets out on the streets. This is the case of Yara, a kitten that was born with something special, she winked all the time! Yara was found abandoned in a box by some strangers and luckily, they took her to the vet!
This adorable kitten is called Yara and as you can clearly see, she only has one eye. Yara’s original owner probably saw this as a disability and abandoned her on the streets. The most amazing thing happened when Yara arrived at the vet.
The missing eye was not a wound, Yara was just born this way. Her face was permanently winking and this melted the hearts of everyone who worked at the veterinary clinic.
As soon as Yara arrived at the vet she was put under examination. Everyone was happy when the results came in because it showed that she was in perfect health. The second thing the vets did was to make Yara feel comfortable by wrapping her in fuzzy blankets. Check out the next picture to see how adorable Yara looks.
Yara was loving her time at the vet clinic and the staff quickly fell in love with her. Although, no one can blame them when seeing how cute Yara looks. To make things even cuter, the staff gave the kitten her own stuffed animal!
This is Yara and her new buddy, the stuffed animal. Sadly, the strangers who brought Yara in weren’t planning on adopting her. This meant that the vet staff needed to find a family for her. Here is where Kaylen comes in.
Kaylen is one of the staff members and she instantly fell in love with Yara. Even though she couldn’t take Yara in, she thought of someone who would and that person is her brother. Do you think Kaylen’s brother took her in?
Kaylen knew that her brother loves cats and that he doesn’t have a pet of his own. Therefore, she instantly called him when she realized that Yara needed a family. You won’t believe what her brother Matty said after hearing what Kaylen had to say.
“She was so cute I could not resist her, so I agreed”, said Matty. This was amazing, especially when considering that Yara’s disability might have made it hard for her to find a new family. Check out the next picture to see how comfortable Yara feels in Matty’s hands.
Luckily, Yara felt right at home in Matty’s hands. This is heartwarming and we think it’s safe to say that Yara’s permanent winking face helped her get a new family, despite what everyone thought. What’s coming next is going to melt your heart!
Just look at how cute Santa’s little helper looks in this picture! Matty sure knows his way around costumes. Let’s see what Yara does now that she is living with Matty.
Matty says that the one thing that Yara loves the most to do is to sleep. What’s even more hilarious than this is how she sticks around Matty’s clothes. Keep reading to see what he is talking about.
It seems like Yara loves being around Matty. In fact, she loves it so much that she is always next to him, if not on him! The next picture will show us Kayleen, the girl who introduced Matty to Yara.
This is Kayleen, she was the one who helped Yara find a new home and family. Kayleen fully embraced her role as an aunt and loves taking pictures of the cute kitten. Let’s see how cute Kayleen’s pictures of Yara are.
Matty and Kayleen sure love having Yara around. She is a great poser and their social media pages are filled with pictures of her.
Matty wanted to make sure that Yara feels welcomed in her new home and he got the kitten her own special bed! This is amazing to see and we can only hope that more people start adopting abandoned animals like he did.
From time to time Yara likes to remind Matty and Kayleen that she is a fierce cat. Little does she know that she is even more adorable while doing this. What do you think Yara does after playing around the house all day?
Matty says that Yara sleeps all day long! However, the house lights up when she is awake because she is goofy and puts everyone in good spirits. Check out the next picture and see how goofy Yara can be!
As you can clearly see, Yara loves to pose for the camera. This is great because Matty enjoys taking cute pictures of her. What’s even more amazing is that Yara made a friend! Who could it be?
This is Yara’s new friend and she is teaching her the cat ways. It’s great seeing that the bigger cat is getting along with Yara and that Yara has so many friends.
Matty bought a special cat tree for Yara and her friend, and the two cats love it! Matty says that the two of them are always playing around the house and that he couldn’t be happier.

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