$$$$$ Grandma’s Passing Leads Kids To A Realization About Her Young Husband

They say that age is a just a number, but usually, when it comes to romance, big age gaps make people raise their eyebrows: especially when the female half of the equation is the one who “robbed the cradle.”
Bernie Tiede and Marjorie Nugent knew something about this. They weren’t your average couple, as there was a 40-year age gap between them. Love was in the air, but so, investigators suspected, were sinister intentions.
Let’s face it: The dating world is a tricky one to traverse, especially if you’ve been out of the game for a while. But, finding that special someone is always a huge relief, no matter how different they are.
For example, there are plenty of relationships with massive age gaps. Take Dick Van Dyke; his wife is 46 years younger than him. Funny enough, often times it’s the man with the much-younger partner.
Rarely do you see a youthful male paired with a elderly woman, but they’re out there. One of the most famous instances came out of Carthage, Texas, and it involved a man named Bernie Tiede.
Bernie grew up in in Abilene, Texas, and at an early age was confronted with tragedy: When he was only two years old, his mother died in a horrific car accident. Then, there was his Uncle Elmer.
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His uncle had some serious mental health issues, and as Bernie got older and approached his teens, Elmer started to molest him. Unfortunately, it was all kept hidden and Elmer was never taken to court or faced any repercussions.
Despite the loss of his mother and the challenges with Uncle Elmer, Bernie grew up a peaceful guy with a contagious smile. He stayed in Texas and eventually landed himself a steady gig in Carthage.
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He worked at the Hawthorn Funeral Home as an undertaker and funeral director, and he made a name for himself in the town. It was during his stint there he met Marjorie Nugent.
Marjorie Nugent was married to a wealthy oilman named Rod Nugent. In 1990, Rod died, and Bernie helped coordinate the funeral in Carthage. The 38-year-old mortician connected with the 80-year-old widow after the procession, and the two seemed smitten.
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As strange as it sounds, Marjorie and Bernie quickly developed feelings for each other despite the massive age gap between them. Bernie started to spend less time around the funeral home and more time at Marjorie’s side.
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According to Bernie, he felt sorry to the old woman and worried about her being alone. Marjorie even had Bernie leave his job at the funeral home and paid him a salary to help her out with household chores.
In fact, she paid for pretty much everything, including weekly date nights at expensive restaurants and private flying lessons. It seemed like there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t buy for Bernie, but suspicion was on the rise.
Marjorie’s grandchildren, as you can imagine, were completely wary of Bernie’s intentions. The whole series of events was bizarre, and they also knew Bernie was well-aware of one major appealing detail of Marjorie’s life.
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Marjorie had millions of dollars in her bank account, and her kids were convinced Bernie was in it for the hefty payday once she passed. This suspicion grew tenfold when Marjorie changed her will and left everything to Bernie.
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There came a point where Marjorie’s family didn’t speak to her for quite some time. She basically acted like she didn’t even have a family anymore; Bernie was her world now. But, then things became real weird.
They tried to contact her through Bernie, but he told them she as in the hospital suffering from Alzheimer’s. Unconvinced, several of Marjorie’s grandchildren went to the home, and that’s when they discovered the horrifying truth.
Alexandria Nugent noticed the door to her grandmother’s garage freezer was taped closed. She ripped off the tape, threw open the lid, and screamed as the frozen body of Marjorie Nugent stared back at her.
Bernie didn’t even try to make a run for it. He was located quickly by Carthage police and arrested. Of his arrest, Bernie said, “I was so relieved… it felt like this big weight had been lifted off my shoulders.”
While in custody, Bernie gave a full confession to police interrogators. A jury sentenced him to 99 years to life in prison, and Bernie will be 70 years old before he even has a chance at parole in 2029.
The case became even more infamous thanks to Richard Linklater’s film Bernie starring Jack Black as Bernie Tiede. The movie caused some controversy among Marjorie’s family, but in the end, Bernie was still locked up.
Police can only speculate what drove Bernie to take Marjorie’s life. Her massive fortune seems like the obvious reason, but no really knows except Bernie. Luckily, not every case is full of such mystery.
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