Superstitions and omens must have some sort of truth behind them considering that our ancestors believed in them so much. Surely these str...




Superstitions and omens must have some sort of truth behind them considering that our ancestors believed in them so much. Surely these strange and unusual predictions could not have just come out from anywhere. Things do not just come out of the blue, right? Well, we must have all heard about that fact that black cats carry a very twisted omen with them. They say you should never walk a path that a black cat walks across. So what about when black cats do other weird things, like when this black cat kept staring at this boy’s photo…?

If you are wondering who was the one responsible for taking in this black cat? Well, it was actually Max’s idea to adopt a cat. He told his mom that a cat would be perfect for their house since he was also a lover of pets especially felines. Alex was almost done with his schooling and he had a plan for his future already. He wanted to join the U.S. Navy. Since he had a single mom, it was not a quick or an easy decision.

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The mother and son were quite close. Since it was mostly just the two of them, they spent most of their time doing things together. The single mom and her young son had been living together, just the two of them for a long while. Since Alex knew that his time to leave home was nearing, he came up with an idea. Since things were going to change soon, he knew that having a pet might make things better.

If you live with someone for so long, you get accustomed to each other. Even as a big family, you get used to being together and coexist like that. Any new addition to the family would feel weird and would also take some time to get used to. When Max told his mother Erin Nimrichter that he wanted to adopt a cat, she was a little apprehensive. The thought of owning a cat was something that had never crossed her mind.

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So Max had to do a little persuasion in order to get her mother to be on board with his idea. He told her that a cat would be quite helpful during the times he would be away for boot camp and his deployments. He knew that a cat would be able to keep her company. Erin also had a boyfriend, who had not moved in yet since she was not ready for that. So she finally agreed with her son and accompanied him to the shelter to fetch a cat.

After some convincing was done, Max could finally get his mom to agree to get a cat for their home. So soon, Max and Erin drove to the Cleveland Animal Protective League where they were to select a cat to bring home. The humane society had been established in the year 1913. This is a society that is committed to provide shelter and be a safe haven for abused, ignored and mistreated animals.
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Since the mother and son duo lived nearby, they knew that it would be a good place to find a cat that needed a home. The mother and son went to the Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood where they were hopeful of finding the right cat to live with them. In this neighborhood, there were several animals that had not been placed in foster homes yet. So there they met with a cat that by the name Yuuki.

The cat that they met was named Yuuki. She was a female kitten covered in silky black fur. She was a stray cat that had been taken in by the APL. That was the place she stayed in waiting patiently to find a suitable adopter. So when they reached, the first thing that Max and Erin took note of was how lonely she seemed. She stayed in her crate and looked as though she felt out of place there.

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Max and Erin did not have any expectation when they went to APL. They just knew that they wanted to get a cat that they had a connection with. Max immediately got the sense that this cat was the one for them, and even his mom Erin agreed. So after deciding that this cat was who they wanted, they got done with the paperwork and brought Yuuki home. As expected, she fit in perfectly with the duo.

So when they took home Yuuki, everything was well and good. She was happy to be with them and so were they. However, the initial plan when they adopted Yuuki was so that the cat could serve as a companion for Erin when the time came for Alex to leave. But as fate would have it, the cat ended up forming a strong bond with Max. You could even say that Yuuki the cat was obsessed with Alex, following him everywhere.

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And to make it even better, the love was reciprocated equally. Even Max was crazy in love with Yuuki. He loved to spend every waking minute with her, too. “Max has always felt connections to any animals he was around,” revealed Erin. The kind of relationship that the two formed was truly something worth watching because it was pure love. But in the coming future, everything was about to change.

The 3 of them had a special bond and their chemistry was truly undeniable. But after six months passed following the adoption of Yuuki the cat, Max had been called to join boot camp that had to take him out of state. When he was getting ready to embark on his new journey, Max or Erin did not think about their cat. They had not anticipated just how much it would affect their lovely kitty.

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Since the three were so tight, it was clear that Alex’s absence was going to affect the other two to a great extent. And obviously, Yuuki the cat felt very lonesome and alone once again. Alex and Max had never expected that their adopted cat had been this attached too him. Never in a million years did they think the cat would act out in a strange and unusual manner after his departure. 
So when Alex had gone and left to join a boot camp, it was only Erin and Yuuki at home. Erin missed her son so much so she decided to keep a picture of him from his graduation day on her dresser to look at if ever she needed to see his face. After a couple of weeks, when Yuuki realized that Max was not about to come gliding in the doors of their home anymore. It was then that Erin started noticing her strange behavior.

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We know how attached we are to our pets. And in turn, even out pets have a sense of longing and belonging when it comes to loving owners. Since Yuuki and Max had such a strong connection, it was inevitable that there would be some after effects after he left. A few weeks had passed and Erin would frequently find Yuuki sitting on the top of her dresser, staring straight into the picture of Max.

If you saw your pet staring at a photo of your family member, would it not alarm you somehow too? “She just sits there, stares and meows and then lays down next to the picture to nap,” revealed Erin later in an interview. Since she had never seen Yuuki climb and sit on top of her dresser before, Erin was obviously stunned to learn that a cat could actually recognize Max from his picture frame…

Erin had never expected a pet to be able to identify a human’s face from a photo alone. So she was quite puzzled and wanted to find an explanation if she could. Surely this case with Yuuki was not one of a kind, that someone must have had the same experience with their pets too. She needed to know that this was not just a coincidence, that it was not just a lovely spot to sleep on for Yuuki. So Erin investigated…
Erin did not want to jump to conclusions. She was still a little doubtful in believing that Yuuki could recognize Max from a photo of his. So she decided to play a little experiment on the cat. She then moved the photo around, keeping it on different pieces of furniture in various areas of the house. She was again surprised but the cat’s response towards this prank. Yuuki always managed to find the photo no matter where she places it.
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After trying this for some time, Erin was fully convinced that the cat knew for sure this was a photograph of her owner whom she misses very much. “I know for sure she misses him,” Erin exclaimed. Then Erin was filled with pity and sadness knowing that it was going to be a long while before her precious son could get back home from his training. However, Erin thought of a clever way to somehow reunite the loving pair.

So after waiting for months, there was finally light that glimmered at the end of the tunnel. A few months had passed when Max was able to leave from his boot camp, and Erin could now get and drop a visit to him at his base. Since she knew that Yuuki missed him a lot too, she called the base and asked if the cat could tag along. So would her son and cat finally get the chance to meet once again after a long separation?

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After being away from family, it would be a joy to anyone if they got to meet with their loved ones right? Well, for Max, the two most important people in his life were Erin, his mom, and his lovely cat Yuuki. After receiving the news that he would be able to meet with his mom and his dear pet, he was over the moon. He had missed his feline friend so much too. At the same time, something worried him the same…

“My son worries that she won’t remember him,” Erin claims. It has been various months that had passed since the duo last saw each other. The time that had passed was almost the amount of days Yuuki had been adopted by Erin and Max. A young cat such as Yuuki might have a fickle mind and had easily forgotten about Max her owner. But Erin was convinced that it would be the case. “It gives me comfort knowing she does,” she admits.

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Even though Max was apprehensive about meeting Yuuki, what happened was the opposite of what he had expected. Erin later spoke about it saying, “And it’s nice to have proof to show him.” Both Erin and Max could barely wait to be reunited once again after living separately for so long. Until the time came for them to finally meet, Erin has to entertain Yuuki and keep her company.

After investigating and taking a close inspection of Yuuki’s behavior, Erin was able to come up with a few conclusions.  Not only did the cat loved sitting next to that particular photo frame of Max, Yuuki loved the view from Erin’s apartment. She would spend a lot of time watching what took place on the streets. Since she saw that the cat showed signs of interest in the outside world, Erin came up with a plan…

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That was when Erin finally decided to gift Yuuki with her very own “adventure backpack”. You might be wondering what that even means… Well, it is a kind of cat carrier that has a domed window enabling people to carry their cats on their backs. “Yesterday was her 1st walk to the market and today she went on her 1st bike ride,” revealed Erin excitedly. And their adventures were only beginning…

The day came when July 13 happened. It was a Friday making it one of those infamous Friday the 13th  days. This a reference you would get if you are a lover of scary movies and superstitions. Erin made sure this day would be a special one for both Yuuki and her. She wanted Yuuki’s first Friday the 13th to be a memorable one. “Honoring Friday the 13th with this spooky gal,” she captioned on her Facebook post.
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Erin was someone who enjoyed watching horror movies. She knew that her precious cat would be the perfect addition to her Friday the 13th gear. “Black cats are so creepy with their golden eyes looking all suspicious,” she confidently remarked. You can easily tell that these two are slowly strengthening their bond in the absence of Max. They are there for each other when they need each other the most.

As soon as Max got done with his boot camp, he will be able to join the Navy that will take away another six years of being with his loved ones. His mother and their adorable cat must bear their time alone once again when this happens. Max has his duties which he needs to uphold so his intention of getting the cat in the first place has proven to be a success. It is evident in the way Erin and Yuuki are living it up…

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We all know that sometimes, even more than other humans, pets know how to comfort you and be there for you when you feel lonely. They may not be able to tell you or speak to you but will always find a way to show you how they feel. It is beautiful to see that through the mutual love for Max, Erin, and Yuuki the black cat can find a friend in one another. They have each other if at any point in time they miss Max…
So how about we lit for you, 7 reasons why humans and cats can share an unbreakable bond with one another…

When a cat gives out a meow, it is not merely for display. This is how they hold a conversation with people. They are actually informing you about how their day went, questioning you about dinner plans and when you can cuddle with each other. Cats will only meow to humans, they have this specific vocal expression for us. They only share this language with a person whom they trust and accept.

Most of our pets never actually want to take pets, in fact, they detest the thought of being cleaned up. Therefore it is a good thing to know that a cat possesses a cleaning nature. Cats have been programmed to clean themselves up and are experts at that too. Healthy and happy cats will always take care of themselves. 50% of their daily time will be spent on grooming themselves.

A cat would take about 18–20 hours to sleep on a normal day. The amount of downtime they need is unbelievable! Cats are one of the easiest going pets you will ever come across. They are perfect for one of those lazy Sundays when you just want to watch your favorite Netflix shows. A cat will just lie next to you and would not need much attention or attending.

If you had a hectic day, having a cat would surely help you relax and unwind. Scientists have 3 reasons why stroking cats give you a feel-good sensation. The first point is that they help you maintain a positive relationship with an animal which ultimately gives you positivity. Second, your rhythmic petting will help the both you-you to relax. Thirdly, this activity helps you keep calm. The key areas for this lie between eyes and ears and chin and cheeks.

This is another good reason why one needs a cat in their life. They have been scientifically proven to let “love hormone” be released in humans. This neurochemical is also known as oxytocin. This is a hormone that gets produced when one falls in love. Oxytocin elevates emotional perception too! You can say that cats are capable of therapy in this manner.

Cats are actually lifesavers…. Literally. This has been scientifically proven. Interaction with them can decrease the chances of heart attacks, it also lowers our blood pressure and helps in releasing dopamine and serotonin, that act as mood regulators. They are also capable to reduce stress and better our immune system. Who would have known that these furry friends would prove to be so helpful?

Though they may seem indifferent at times, cats really do love us. We must keep in mind that they just have a very different approach in the way they show their affection. They are not like humans, they do not hug or wag their tails like dogs do. Cats rub themselves against you, will purr or meow to speak to you. Just make sure to cuddle with them whenever they need it…

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