Many times in our lives we do things that make us feel proud. This is the story of one such moment that occurred. Who knew it would not be...




Many times in our lives we do things that make us feel proud. This is the story of one such moment that occurred. Who knew it would not be forgotten as it will become once in a lifetime moment for the poor creature who was morally obliged to thank his savior. The reason why this story has touched hearts across the world is that many people might’ve passed by but no one bothered to help. Heroes aren’t aliens they are just like us. What makes them different is their willingness to make efforts and take the risk for the right thing. That’s what our today’s story all about.

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This incident took place in Romania, a European country known for its beautiful historic cities, amazing natural beauty, and cultural diversity. Tourists have been saying that Romania takes one a little bit back in time. The country people are still fond of horses as they are a part of their daily life. When talking about horses, there’s a 150 years old festival that includes a parade of 1800s costumes, horse-drawn carriages, traditional food, music and special performances. But what was seen and recorded in a video one fine day was nothing but an eye-opener.

We are talking about horses here for two main reasons, first, horses are a specialty of Romania, second, our today’s story is about a horse. Trust us when we tell you that he is no ordinary animal as you’ll say it too when you see the video ahead. He certainly did the most unexpected thing in the most emotional time. Horses can be a man’s best friend you just need to treat them nice as they’ll happily devote their lifetime helping you and loving you.

Horses are dignified creatures. They are known for their loyalty and have been close to humans since their very existence. An unfortunate horse was in immense pain. Animals are mistreated everywhere around the world. Yes, we all love our pets but very few take out time to save the rest. This beautiful black colored was one such horse. And there’s a reason why he was in this pain which is nothing new in Romania.

The poor young horse’s front feet were chained, he was hardly able to walk. This practice of tying up horses front or hind feet is very usual in many countries including Romania. The horse suffers from pain, and could possibly die as when he’ll try to cross any fence he might trip and fall. After that, you can imagine that a tied up horse will not be able to stand back on his feet and will die in the same spot. Such was this horse’s fate too until his guardian angel came to the rescue.

No matter how strong and brave any creature is, they fall prey to humans anyway. Just like this horse, who was tied by some hunter so that he couldn’t go far off and could be hunted down whenever needed. A guy named Ovidiu Rosu saw this horse from a distance and immediately understood that something was wrong with this horse. He knew he was supposed to hurry but what he never knew was the horse’s reaction to it.

While many people respect horses as an animal whose ancestors have been helping humans to cover long distances and fight uncountable wars. They are still tied up just for sports purposes. When Ovidiu saw this young horse, he knew he has to do something to free the guy. He was so determined to help that the risk of being hurt by the horse doesn’t seem like an issue to him. Horses may act aggressively when any person would walk close to him.

At the end of the day, this horse was scared of humans who tied him up. In such case, the possibility of him not allowing any human get close to him was almost nil. After all, he was not aware who intend to help him and who intend to kill him. Luckily, the horse was in luck that day as Ovidiu wasn’t scared of getting hurt by the horse’s reflex action.

The horse wasn’t even alone, and this increased the risk. Horses are very calm animals, normally they don’t bother anyone until they’re scared or trapped. This one was trapped. Yet chances were that the horse will politely let Ovidiu do his work and get free but there wasn’t any surety and Ovidiu was getting into this without sedating the wild horse.

Ovidiu was a vet who works for an organization named four paws that helps animals across the globe. Hence, the guy knew what he was doing and what he was getting his feet into wasn’t an easy task at all. In a country where horses are trapped for hunting or sports, this surely wasn’t Ovidiu’s first time that he was saving a life. He did it many times before, what not? Eagles, birds, monkeys, horses, tigers and more. He works day and night for saving these wild lives. However, what was about to happen with this horse was a once in a lifetime moment for the young vet.

Ovidiu was certainly going to go ahead to help this horse. But he needed to plan it ahead of time, like what if the horse hurts him?  Well, he kept it in the last on his list as he didn’t really care about that part. What if the horse’s ability to move is already compromised? How to keep the horse not moving? How to get him free without any further pain? How to make sure that he hasn’t developed any serious wounds? And lastly, how to let him go easily?

Ovidiu was getting closer to the horse from the rear end, he reached and stopped. The horse was trying to walk but was failing every time. He was jumping a bit to move forward. The chains that he was trapped in were made of iron which was definitely hurting him a lot. It was time to get a hold on the wild horse to, first of all, get an idea of what’s the situation of his paws. Ovidiu’s gut feeling proved to be correct and neither did the trapped horse nor his friends tried to attack him.

We can’t really say what it was that kept the young horse calm when a stranger was walking towards him when in the first go it was one such human who chained him. Can animals sense good vibes? As he seemed to be trusting Ovidiu in the first place as if he felt, that the guy here was to help. Whatever happened in those moments was more than ordinary.

Ovidiu, the local vet made it quick as he didn’t want to alarm the animals of any kind of danger. He had a red colored piece of cloth with him that he had to put on the young horse’s eyes in order to keep him still. This is the first thing a person should do when trying to save a wild animal. As they don’t move when it’s dark all of a sudden. Trying to help a wild animal, whether it’s a bird, fish or horse, this trick is generally used when they are not sedated.

After covering up the horse’s face with a red cloth. Ovidiu was now supposed to check on the wounds of the horse’s feet. He couldn’t just go and straightly cut off the chains as his feet might get some septic spread throughout his body. He checked on him and the chains were tightly wrapped around his paws. There were just two viewers of all that was going on.

At first, when Ovidiu got his eyes on the beautiful creature, there were two more horses with him and there was a friend of Ovidiu too. One of the horse was standing right there, next to his friend to check on what’s going on with him. He wasn’t scared. On the other side, it was Ovidiu’s friend who was capturing this moment in his video camera. What happened next was unbelievable!

While the chained horse was laying down patiently, the other one was watching it all standing nearby. Ovidiu examined the wounds of the poor horse, the bondage was so tight that it started cutting off his flesh and was now getting to his bone. Yes, the main aim to keep the horse from running far away was a success but how cruel was it that the horse couldn’t even move without the pain.  And if the chains stayed on his feet any longer he might not walk ever again. 

Ovidiu is a professional veterinarian who knew what exactly is to be done. He brought the thing that could loosen up the chains. Because of the cuts and bruises, the horse’s flesh could be seen at this point and he needed proper medication too. Though animals have this thing in them that they recover faster when they are happy and obviously once the horse will be free he’ll be happy but the required thing was yet to be done.

The vet was being quick here as he didn’t want this wound to leave a permanent damage. When the ankles are tightly it also stops the regular blood flow. The vet was ready with his wire cutters and started working on freeing the horse. Well, there was one thing to be alert from, that’s the horse’s reaction when he is free. Out of the excitement and then once the cloth is removed from his eyes he might act which may hurt Ovidiu too.

The vet started using the wire cutter in such a way that it should not hurt the horse’s wounds anymore. The chains were thick and in the video, it might seem like an easy task that Ovidiu does but it wasn’t as he didn’t want the horse to suffer from any more pain and hence he was being very precise with moving his hands in the right way.

Within some time Ovidiu managed to take off the chains. After cutting off the chains he noticed something that was the reason that was causing much more pain to the horse. As if the chains weren’t enough the next thing that the vet noticed was horribly disturbing to the young horse.

The vet noticed that the horse was chained for days. He slowly started loosening the chains from his hoofs. The horse was breathing heavily and was getting less patient now as it was hurting him badly. For a moment, anyone would’ve thought to step back and get away from the horse but Ovidiu kept doing his work.

It was a messed up situation, Ovidiu managed to snip off most part of the chain. The horse was growing impatient now. It was time to remove the chains completely and get his paws the proper medication. However, the horse doesn’t seem in a good mood.

He wore his gloves and after cutting the chains, he removed the wirey mess from the mid of his paws. The horse was moving at first but when the chains started getting off the horse stayed still he wasn’t moving at all which made Ovidiu’s work a lot easier. After removing the sharp bonds from his hoof, it was time to get the young guy moving.

The same injuries were on his other hoof.  So, Ovidiu patiently started working on the other hoof as well where the sharp wires were deep inside his skin. The horse was in pain but he stayed still and calm without causing any disturbance to the vet who was working in his favor. As if the animal now started trusting the vet whom he just met and who was trying to help him out.

The chains were almost off from the vet now. The animal was almost free, he could walk just he wouldn’t be able to run as at some parts the wires were tightly wrapped. In order to remove the complete wires, Ovidiu needed some more time. And the horse was allowing him to take as much as he wanted. This was a very unusual thing to see because usually animals get scared and don’t trust people easily when they’re wounded.

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Ovidiu took his time to be sure that there were not even a little bit of wires are left around the horse’s hoof. He didn’t want the horse to suffer anymore and at last, both of their patience paid off. The horse took a deep breath when he felt he was finally free. Ideally, just one last thing was left to be done but an additional action took place which made everyone out there emotional.

Ovidiu removed the cloth from the horse’s face and helped him to stand back on his feet to check if he’ll be able to walk properly. The horse was polite and he stood straight but he didn’t run into the jungle. As he stopped there for a while he did the most rewarding thing for Ovidiu who just saved his life.

Ovidiu was overwhelmed seeing the animal back on his feet and that’s when the horse did the unexpected. Walking towards Ovidiu he came close to him and gave him a kiss, before leaving him. It was so quick and spontaneous that even the vet didn’t even realize for a moment but gave a tender smile in return.

A few hours back they both were strangers to each other but now they were close enough. The horse’s thankful gesture was the best feeling that the vet ever had. He was proud of himself and he was now ready to bid him a goodbye. After all that the horse has been through the past few days, Ovidiu came as his savior and the horse didn’t miss the chance to thank him.

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