I Thought He Was An Ordinary Cute Kitten. Then I Saw His Fur... This Is NUTS!

Without a doubt, animal rescue workers do some of the most difficult and important work around.
Whether talking about those who help animals out in the field — like these rescuers who saved an injured hawk — or those who work or volunteer at animal shelters, there are hundreds of heartwarming stories about helpless animals receiving the care and assistance they need.
The Nine Lives Foundation in Redwood City, CA, is a no-kill shelter that is dedicated to the care of cats and kittens without a home.
This past December, a young kitten was brought into the shelter looking unlike anything the animal rescue workers had ever seen. The frightened baby was dyed a dark purple and its skin was covered with terrible bite marks.
However, just a few months later, this adorable kitty has made an unbelievable transformation, thanks to the amazing help of the folks at Nine Lives.

smurf purple cat animal rescue
This terrified 2-month-old kitten — whose name is Smurf — was brought to the Nine Lives Foundation back in December.
The Foundation specializes in cats that have been abused, so they set to work immediately to assess Smurf’s situation.

smurf purple cat animal rescue
While his color may have been the most shocking thing at first, it was actually his other injuries that needed immediate medical attention.
Nine Lives veterinarian Monica Rudiger told the Dodo, “I don’t know what happened to him, but my best guess is that he was used as a chew toy. [He is] a cat with multiple puncture wounds and abrasions.”

smurf purple cat animal rescue
After treating his painful wounds — which Monica suspects to have been caused by a dog-fighting syndicate — the vets set about addressing his color. Unfortunately, it seemed like Smurf may just have to stay purple forever.
Monica told the Dodo back in December, “We’ll never get that purple dye out of him. He’s been shaved and he’s still purple. It’s so deep; it’s probably undiluted garment dye.”
While no one was sure who did something so terrible to the young kitten, Smurf seemed to be quite responsive to his new home and environment.

smurf purple cat animal rescue
In fact, just days after his arrival, Smurf made a brand new friend in an injured cat named Wanda.
After suffering a terrible eye infection, Wanda had been left blind. But that didn’t stop Smurf from latching right onto her.

smurf purple cat animal rescue
Quite quickly, the pair became inseparable.
The Nine Lives Foundation posted on their Facebook wall, “She was placed in the same cage as Smurf on her very first day, and has become bonded with him.”

smurf purple cat animal rescue
Together, both cats’ injuries began to heal.
And though each obviously had been through some difficult and traumatizing experiences, their spirits seemed to be lifted enormously as a result of their budding friendship.

smurf purple cat animal rescue
Now that it has been several months, the Nine Lives Foundation has high hopes that Wanda and Smurf will both be adopted by the same loving family in the near future.
But for those worried that Smurf’s bizarre purple coat may frighten prospective families away, there has been some good news.

smurf purple cat animal rescue
The purple color has largely dissipated, leaving Smurf’s natural coat shining for all to see.
The Nine Lives Foundation posted on Facebook, “We call his color glorious gray! Although it is hard to tell through pictures, he is mostly this beautiful, unique gray.
“White speckles here, white racing stripe there, and only very faint patches of purple remain around his neck area, and the insides of his hind legs.”

smurf purple cat animal rescue
The post continued, “He is one strong boy, and nothing will stop him from letting his true colors shine!”
Smurf has made an incredible and miraculous recovery as a result of the dedicated work of the Nine Lives Foundation and his undying friendship with Wanda.
What do you think of the friendship between these two strong-willed cats? Let us know in the comments.
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