This Guy Scrubs A Magic Eraser On His Face — And The Results Are Unbelievable

Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser may actually live up to the promise of its name. There are so many amazing things that you can do with this simple product that it very well may have supernatural properties.
Take these 20 creative uses for magic erasers – they are all pretty much amazing!
The Magic Eraser is much more incredible than most people give it credit for.
1-magic-eraser-uses1. Use one of these magical products to clean up the paint scruff on your car, and perhaps even detail it a bit.
2. Foggy headlights? A Magic Eraser to make them nice and clear again!
3. Get your craft mats ready for another use by cleaning them completely with a Magic Eraser.
4. You can even wash your own face with a Magic Eraser…
5. Use a Magic Eraser to clean the needle of your turntable without causing it any harm.
6. Get creative by using Magic Erasers on watercolors!
7. If you cut a Magic Eraser into small, efficient pieces, they can be a great tool to clean the windows of your car!
8. Is your purse or make-up bag starting to fade? Use a Magic Eraser to brighten them up.
9. Remaining bits from labels and stickers can be cleaned with solvents, but those often smell bad. That won’t be a problem with a Magic Eraser!
10. Combine alcohol with a magic eraser to get rid of permanent marker stains.
11. Most likely, you aren’t cleaning your washing machine’s plastic components as much as you should, but a Magic Eraser will do the trick.
12. A Magic Eraser will clean up all the residue from makeup and hair products on vanity counters.
13. It can be confusing to remember whose glass is who, so write everyone’s name on their individual glass with a permanent marker, then wipe it off with a Magic Eraser! 8-magic-eraser-uses
14. Magic Erasers are great for cleaning up your greasy laptop.
15. You don’t need to make a mess with chemicals when you clean your shoes with a Magic Eraser!
You can use it to clean up your bike helmets.
17. Magic Erasers can help clean your hair products when they get dirty from extended use.
18. Its more difficult for sliding glass doors to close when they’re dirty, besides being unsightly, so wipe it up with a Magic Eraser.
19. House siding can get dirty pretty easily over time, so apply a Magic Eraser to it regularly!
20. Since you already spent all that money on a boat, why not keep it clean with a Magic Eraser?

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