Blind Stray Cat Stuns Foster Mom When Out Of The Blue, He Opens His Eyes

A resident in South-east Florida got a surprise one day when he discovered a stray cat eating from his own pet’s bowl. While this might seem fairly common for animals to eat any food that they come across, this kitty was in a worse state than most.
The stray cat ate the food frantically, barely coming up for air; it had clearly not had a good feed in a while. The kitty had a severe case of mange that was so bad that its eyes had crusted shut. The poor animal had essentially been walking the streets blind.
stray cat
Luckily the man took pity on the cat. He carefully lured the cat into a carrier, tempting it in with more food, and then took to social media to find help. One of his Facebook friends called Carmen Morales Weinberg knew exactly what to do.
Carmen is the founder of a local rescue group called Animal Friends Project, so she knew just how to look after the cat. She took the cat to a nearby vet to treat his conditions. As it turned out, he had a number of conditions including mange, malnourishment and dehydration.
stray cat
Despite all that the poor kitty had been through, he quickly warmed up to his rescuers. He probably sensed that they were there to help him and, needless to say, he certainly needed help. Carmen named him Cotton and took him home with her to nurture him safely back to health.
stray cat
Cotton stayed hunched over for days and days and seemed very uncomfortable. But he came around bit by bit, gradually gaining weight. His fur also started to regrow to its former glory.
As Cotton gained his strength, his hair began to grow back and his eyes began to heal. When he could finally open his eyes, Carmen couldn’t believe what was hiding beneath his crusty eyelids.

The stray cat’s transformation was incredible

stray cat
As it turned out, Cotton had heterochromia iridum, aka different colored eyes. He had one blue and one green eye and he was absolutely stunning.
stray cat
Cotton has undergone an incredible transformation in Carmen’s care. The once stray cat who was struggling to stay alive, now has a new lease of life. He looks like he never had anything wrong with him, to begin with. The beautiful kitty can now live a happy, healthy life with people around him who care and love for him.
If only more people took the time to rescue stray animals then there could be more happy stories like Cotton’s.
stray cat

What do you think of Cotton’s beautiful unique eyes? If you love Cotton’s transformation, share his story with your friends to spread the happiness.

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