Clever Puppy Whose Owner Tells Him That He’s Handsome Has The Most Adorable Response

It can be hard to take a compliment sometimes. A lot of people just don’t know what to say or how to act when they’re put in the spotlight like that.
And apparently this feeling of unease isn’t exactly exclusive to just humans either. Who would have ever guessed that puppies are capable of feeling that way, too?
When this little dog’s owner complimented him on his handsome new bandana, for instance, the modest pup had the most precious reaction!
No matter who you are, it can be hard to take a compliment every now and then, especially if you’re accustomed to expressing any sort of humility. It’s awkward to react when you’re put on the spot in front of other people in such a manner.
While we usually think that only humans can feel this way about being complimented, it turns out that animals do, too! Who would’ve thought that a dog is capable of feeling sheepish and shy when being complimented by someone?
Just take this French bulldog puppy, for instance. His owner recently purchased him a new red bandana from the pet store, and when he complimented him on how good he looked wearing it, he had the most adorable reaction…
You see, from argyle sweaters to winter jackets, accessorizing your puppy is just something many dog owners enjoy doing. Naturally, it’s hard not to comment on how cute and adorable the doggies look in their new garb.
So, when this precious Frenchie puppy heard his owner compliment his new bandana, he couldn’t help but act a little shy. Like many people, he just didn’t know how to take the adoring comments…
“Hey, how do you like your new bandana?” the man asked his stylish companion. At first, the pooch answered with a series of affectionate kisses and nibbles on the man’s neck. It was as if he was saying, “I like it! Where’s your bandana?”
When the puppy’s owner went on to comment on how handsome the little pup was, the dog did his best to hide behind him, away from the camera’s view. He was clearly shy about his dapper looks! “Quit embarrassing me, Dad! Geez!”
“You like it? It’s pretty nice,” the man continued as his tiny French bulldog coyly looked away. “I still think you look handsome.” But even with such nice comments like that, the dog let his owner know that he’d just prefer to hang out and watch some TV.
Then, the puppy protested his owner’s compliments by throwing both of his paws up in the air as if to say he’d had enough. “Would you please just stop it with the niceties already? My favorite TV show is on!”
Just when it looked like the little puppy was cooling down from all those compliments, his owner decided to remind him once more just how handsome he looked. Only this time, the puppy wasn’t going to brush it off…
Well, that’s one way to take a compliment! This little guy’s cuteness is just through the roof…

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